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Muddy Ruel, interviewed by Guy Savage, 1950 Spring Training
Frankie Frisch, interviewed by Guy Savage, 1950 Spring Training
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"Tiptons On Parade" - Forget all that "PSA" stuff. These cards are the real deal.
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Removing glue and paper from trading cards, by Bob Donaldson and Spike Glidden

Baseball Player Tribute Pages

The Baseball Hall Of Mediocrity (HOM) - A place where great players of the past, who have little hope of entering the hall of fame, are honored for their careers which brought joy to many fans.
Rick's Hero - Johnny Callison - Rick Svetecz' tribute to his hero, former Phillie Johnny Callison.
The Piersall Place - Dan Austin's tribute to the legendary Jimmy Piersall.
Joe Shlabotnik - Who? He's Charlie Brown's favorite player -- that's who!

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