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Beater - a card is described as 'a beater' when it looks like it has been attached to a child's bicycle spokes, made its way through a load of laundry or other such arduous journey.
Black Beauty - a 1971 Topps card (with those cool black borders)
Buckett - The Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide - the scourge of OBC
Burlap - The fabric-like background borders on the 1968 Topps cards
Cool Grey - a 1970 Topps card (with grey borders)
Dealer Scum - not what we think of card shop owners, but the persona that an OBCer takes on when he (gasp) sells some of his cards, usually to others in the group. Also abbreviated "DS".
Dupe - a double/triple, etc. that can be swapped or given away.
Dupes Box - a box where your extra cards are stored.
Evilbay - that online service we all love to hate, or is that hate to love? - eBay.
FCFS - first come, first served. Often seen on waiver wire posts.
Fitaked - A package from OBC's lady of quite eclectic cards.
FOOT - Fraternal Order OF Tiger Fans. Mostly based in Michigan, but loyalists among OBC, including Scotland, Virginia, Colorado, & Tennessee.
Fort Washington - one of the better shows available (Ft. Washington, PA). Usually 3-6 shows a year. Often a hangout for east-coast OBCers.
Gremlin - (Not the AMC car of the 1970's.) You think you've completed a set, but when going through it months or years later, you discover a missing card, usually a common. That's called a "gremlin".
Guru Grading Service - Guru Grading Service aka GGS refers to Cards slabbed by Larry 'Guru' Tipton as a spoof on PSA and the other grading services. Guru has graded cards for specific events such as the infamous Sewer Find Collection or just truly Tiptonesque cards.
HOM - Hall of Mediocrity, an OBC creation which honors the 'unsung heroes' of baseball.
Horizontal - a 1960 Topps card (horizontal format).
Jiggler - a 1962/63 Jell-o card.
Moof - An aroma (mold, smoke, etc.) given off by certain cards, usually described on a scale of 1 (mild scent) to 10 (ultra-funky smell).
Nosebleed Section - A card from a pre-1974 High # Series, tough to get.
OBC Condition - A low grade card, usually prized by OBCers and shunned by the rest of the card collecting world.
OBC-Friendly - Used to describe a dealer who is usually well-stocked with OBC condition cards and/or offers special deals to OBCers at shows.
OBCAC - The OBC Advisory Council - OBC's governing body, consisting of 7 voting members, a non-voting facilitator and the webmaster.
Psycho - a 1972 Topps card (psychedelic 60s/70s design).
Puffy - one of those padded brown mailing envelopes stuffed with cards.
PWE - Nothing more than a "Plain White Envelope," usually a long business envelope, which nicely fits a horizontal third of a 9-pocket plastic sheet which can be stuffed with cards and sent to OBC members.
Rambling - A lengthy discourse on the OBC mail server (coincidentally called ramblings). Ken Morganti is notorious for helping this name come to be.
RAOK - Random Act of Kindness, receiving cardboard from a fellow OBCer without notice just because.
SCP - single card pleasure (a 1-card letter/package from another OBCer). A 2-card pack may be referred to as a DCP, and so on...
Sked - Another name for a schedule.
SOSH - 'Sons of Sam Horn,' a national Red Sox fan club known for unreasonableness and pre-2004 schizophrenia.
Stan Hack - Shrouded in mystery, Stan Hack prowls among the group, seeking wantlists to hit. Who is he? Only time will tell...
Stan Hacked - One is said to have been 'Stan Hacked' or 'Hacked' when they are the recipient of a package from the group's mysterious benefactor, Stan Hack.
Sunglasses Alert - Any reference to a card that was manufactured after 1980 (poking fun at the 'shiny' UV-coated surfaces of newer cards).
The Book - The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading, and Bubble Gum Book - a highly prized possession by most OBCers.
The National - the National sports card convention. Often an opportunity for OBCers to gather and swap cards.
Tipton - aka 'a beater'. Named for OBC 'Guru' Larry Tipton, who is famous for collecting his vintage cards in 'any - yes ANY condition'.
Tipton Mint - see 'The Guru's Grading Guide' for OBC Guru Larry Tipton's tongue-in-cheek grading guide which defines the grades of a 'Tipton' card.
Trimmies - cards cut down to size for numerous reasons.
TV - a 1955 Bowman card (TV-insert format).
Type Card - first hit to a set. 1 is a type card, 2 and you are collecting them.
Vegas - A hangout for west-coast OBCers. A large show in Las Vegas, NV several times a year.
Waiver Wire - a posting by an OBCer on the group server for available cards that can be claimed by other in the group.
Woodie - a 1962 Topps card (wood-grain border).

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