Old Time
Baseball Equipment

Fielders Gloves

1910 Bat and Glove

1920 Mitt Glove

Three Fingered Glove

Decker Fielders Glove

Rawlings Claw Glove

Reach Fielders Glove

First Baseman's Glove

1930 First Baseman's Glove

1940 First Baseman's Glove

Catcher's Mitts

1910 Goldsmith Catcher's Mitt

1950 Spaulding Catcher's Mitt

1940 Decker Catcher's Mitt

Catcher's Equipment

1930 Shin Guards

1950 Rawlings Shin Guards

1950 Rawlings Chest Guard

1930 Catcher's Mask

1940 Catcher's Mask

Mickey Mantle Catcher's Mask

Baseball Bats

1914 Cork Grip Bat

1920 Bat

1930 Bat

1940 Everlast Bat


1920 Reach Baseball

1920 Spalding Baseball

Baseball Uniforms

1920 Uniform Pants

1927 Uniform Shirt

1930 Cleats

1950 Cleats

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