Joshua Levine's Wantlist

Joshua Levine's Wantlist

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Okay is the ultimate wantlist. With a ton of time, money, and research I have put the ultimate Phillie wantlist together. Your job is to help me complete this. I know it looks daunting but you can do it! . Any condition is acceptable of course. The cards with "?" marks behind them are cards in the set but I am not quite sure if they are pictured as Phillies or not. The numbering system is consistent with my '97 SCD Standard Catalog and/or the '97 Beckett Almanac (#2). Many, if not most, of the sets are un-numbered so I provided the SCD or Beckett number and the name of the player. If there is no player name after the number then the card is, in fact, numbered. Anyone who helps me positively identify a pre-1990 Phillie set or single not on the list or solving one with a "?" mark will be rewarded. Same goes for anyone who can positively identify a player on the list as not being pictured as a Phillie. If it is not on this list I probably have it so e-mail and ask before you send anything please. Thanks, enjoy and take care-
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'55 Armour Coins: Curt Simmons (don't need dark blue, red, light green or aqua).
'59 Armour Coins: Richie Ashburn (don’t need red, green, or blue).
'60 Armour Coins: Gene Conley (don't need yellow or orange).

'61 Anonymous Key Chain Inserts #'s: 17 Crandall(?), Roberts, and Taylor.

1913 B-unc Cravats #'s: 5 Dooin.
1916 BF2 Felt Pennants: G. Alexander, D. Bancroft, J. Devore, F. Luderus, G. Cravath, D. Paskert,
Cheif Bender, P. Moran.
1936-37 BF3-Type One (player name and figure): Dolph Camilli, Chuck Klein
1936-37 BF3-Type Two (player name, team name, figure): Camilli and Wilson.
1936-37 BF3-Type Three (player name and team name): Camilli, Klein, Wilson
1936-37 BF3-Type Five (team name and emblem): Phillies (w/ Liberty Bell)
1936-37 BF3-Type Six (team nickname only) : Phillies and Phillies with Philadelphia on spine.

1952-53 Baseball Photos #'s: Ashburn (large photos).

1952 Baseball Player Double Header Charms #’s: 1 Ashburn/Masi, Konstanty/Blackwell, Holmes/Hatton.

1986 Baseball Star Buttons #'s: Rawley, Denny, Gross.

'59 Bazooka #'s: 2 (Richie Ashburn)
'60 Bazooka #'s: 24 (Ashburn) and 26 (Roberts)
'62 Bazooka #'s: 18 (Callison)
'63 Bazooka #'s: 35 (Mahaffey)
'64 Bazooka Stamps Sheet #'s: 6, 8, 9, 10 (will take full sheets or individual stamps)
'65 Bazooka #'s: 21 (Bunning)
'66 Bazooka #'s: 4 (Allen), 31 (Bunning)
'67 Bazooka #'s: 4 (Allen)
'68 Bazooka #'s: Bunning, 29 (Gonzalez), 53 (Allen), White (will take full boxes or just the cards)
'69 Bazooka #'s: 4 (Alexander).
'71 Bazooka (numbered) #'s: 1 (McCarver) (will take box or panel)
1956 Big Leauge Stars Statues #'s: 6 Del Ennis (statue only).
1912 Boston Garter #'s: 4 Dooin.
1914 Boston Garter #'s: 7 Dooin.

'49 Bowman #'s: 46, 161, 205.
'50 Bowman #'s: 32.
'51 Bowman #'s: 256.
'52 Bowman #'s: 236.
'53 Bowman Color #'s: 158.

1898 Cameo Pepsin Gum Pins #'s: Clements, Cross, Delahanty.
1974 Capital Publishing #'s: 48 Moran, 50 Killefer, 55 Bender, 71 Alexander.

1987 Champion (Pep Boys, Big A, Carquest) #'s: 2 (Jeltz).

1967 Coke Caps Phillies #'s: P2,P5,P15,P16,P18.

1914 Cracker Jack #'s: 37, 47, 108.
1915 Cracker Jack #'s: 37, 45, 60, 92, 151, 172.

1914 D303 General Baking #'s: 17 (Doolan), 27 (Knabe), 29 (Lobert).
1920 D327 Holsum Bread #'s: Burns, Cravath, Donovan, Fletcher, Stengel, Williams.
1916 D329 Weil Baking #''s: 4, 10, 13, 18, 24, 29, 40, 45, 46, 53, 69, 95, 106, 114, 132, 136, 142, 170,
and 189.
1916 D-350-1 Standard Biscuit #'s:A. Fletcher(might be others–don’t need Chalmers, Good, Whitted,
1916 D381 Ferguson and Fleischmann #'s: Alexander, Bancroft, Becker, Burns, Byrne, Luderus, Paskert,
and Whitted.
1920 D381-1 Gassler's American Maid Bread #'s: Causey and Rawlings.

1955 Dairy Queen Statues #'s: 6 Ennis.

1967 Dexter Press (Coca-Cola) All-Stars #'s: #122-133, the following players: John Briggs, J. Callison, C. Dalrymple, D. Groat, L. Jackson, D. Lock, Cookie Rojas, Chris Short, T. Taylor, Bill White.
1968 Dexter Press (Coca-Cola-Postcards) All Stars #'s: Dick Allen.

1934 Diamond Match Co. Series 1(Silver Border, red(R), orange(O), green(G), blue(B)) #'s:
Allen(RO), Collins(R), Elliot(OB), Fullis (RO), Hansen(ROG), Hendrick (ROB), Oana(ROG), Schulmerich(RB), and Wilson(ROGB).
1935 Diamond Match Co. Series 3 Type 1 (name and team only on saddle-comes in red, blue, green (RBG)) #'s: Allen (R), Chiozza (B), Moore(RG), Jorgens(RBG), and Wilson(RG).
1936 Diamond Match Co. Series 3 Type 2 (name and team on both saddle and bio) #’s: Klein (red only)

1911 Diamond Gum Pins #'s: Dooin.

1980 Did You Know (Anderson) #’s: Ashburn, Mulcahay, and Callison.

'52 Dixie Lids #'s: 1 Ashburn and Ryan
'52 Dixie Lids Premiums #'s: 1 Ashburn
'53 Dixie Lids #'s: 1 Ashburn
'53 Dixie Lids Premiums #'s: 1 Ashburn
'54 Dixie Lids #'s: 1 Ashburn
1909 E-92 Croft's Candy #'s: 17 Dooin, 18 Doolan, 28 Knabe, and 32 Magee.
1909 E-92 Croft's Cocoa #'s: 17 Dooin, 18 Doolan, 25 Jacklitsch, and 32 Magee.
1909 E-92 Najda #'s: Jacklitsch and Magee.
1910 E-94 #'s: 2 Bates, 12 Doolan, Lobert, Moore.
1909-10 E-97 Briggs #'s: 4 Bransfield, 9 Doolan, 9b Dolan, 22 Moore(black and white are proofs).
1910 E-98 #'s: 13 Dooin (don’t need the green background).
1909 E-101 #'s: 32 Magee.
1910 E-103 Williams Caramels #'s: 12 Dooin.
1910 E-104 #'s: 3 Bates, 4a Bransfield(blank back), 4b Bransfield(Nadja back), 10a Grant (blank back),
10b Grant (Nadja back), 11 Jacklitsch, 15a Knabe (blank back), 15b Knabe (Nadja back), 18 Moore.
1910 E-105 Mello-Mint #'s: 18 Doolan, 25 Jacklitsch, 28 Knabe, and 32 Magee.
1903 E-107 Breisch Williams #'s: 40 Douglass, 41b Doyle, 54b Gleason, 58 Hallman, 98 Mitchell, 122 Sparks, 131 Thomas, and 147 Zimmer.
1922 E-120 American Caramel #'s: 14 Betts, 99 Hubbell, 120 Leslie.
1922 E-122 American Caramel #'s: 23 Donovan, 81 Rawlings(?), Walker, and 118 F. Williams.
1923 E-123 Curits Ireland #'s: 62 Henline, 63 Holke, Keenan, 128 Rapp, 132 Ring, 166 Walker,
and 172 Fred Williams.
1927 E-126 American Caramel #'s: 42.
1916 E-135 Collins-McCarthy #'s: 2, 12, 18, 23, 102, 128, 130, 139, and 188.
1927 E-210 York Caramel Type 1 #'s: 44.
1921-23 E-220 National Caramel #'s: 45 Henline, 50 Hubbell, 88 Ring.
1888 E-223 G&B Chewing Gum #'s: 8 Buffington and 23 Ferguson.
1914 E-224 Texas Tommy Type 1 #'s: 18 Dooin and and Knabe.
1921 E-253 #'s: 11 Meadows and 19 Williams.
1909-11 E-254 Colgan's Chips #'s: 18c Bates (white letters), 185b Rowan, 217 Titus.
1912 E-270 Colgan's Red Border #'s: 16 Bransfield, 32 Cravath, 40 Doolin, 42 Downey, 77 Killefer,
79 Knabe, 104 D. Miller, 117 Paskert, and 148 Titus.
1912 E-270 Colgan's Tin-Tops #'s: Donlin, 42 Dooin, 43 Doolan, Killefer, 88 Knabe, and 150 Titus.
1933 E-285 Rittenhouse #'s: 1 Bartell, 8 Collins, 14 S. Davis, 17 J. Elliot, 30 Hurst (jack of
diamonds), and 32 Klein.
1911 E-286 Ju-Ju Drums #'s: Cheek, Dooin, Walsh. Possibly others.
1912 E-300 Plow's Candy #'s: 26 Dooin, 41 Luderus, 42 Magee, and 62 Titus.
1910 E-Unc. All-Star Baseball Boxes (Dockman and Sons) #’s: 1 Bates.
1910 E-unc Orange Borders #'s: 9 Doolan.
1967 James Elder postcards #’s: 800 (Ashburn), 1139, 1151, 1170, 1184, 1187, 1190, 1195, 1196, 1200, 1225, 1271, 1280, 1291, and 1294.

1977 EPSCC Philadelphia Favorites #'s: 11, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, and 25.

1922 Exhibits #'s: Konetchy, Ring, C. Williams.
1923-4 Exhibits #'s: Harper, Holke, J.H. Sand, and Wrightstone.
1925 Exhibits #'s: Harper, Hawks, Henline, Holke, Hubble, Mokan, and C. Williams.
1926 Exhibits #'s: Bentley, Friberg, Harper, Henline, Huber, Mokan, Sand, and Wrightstone.
1927 Exhibits #'s: McInnis and Leach.
1927 Exhibits Postcard Back #'s: Ring.
1929 "Anonymous" Exhibits #'s: 9 Klein, O’Doul.
1929-30 Exhibits Four-In-One #'s: {Benge, Sweetland, Whitney, C. Williams}many color variations--already have black on white and orange.
1931-2 Exhibits Four-In-One #'s: 4 Arlett, Benge, Klein, Whitney and 6 Bartell, Friberg, Hurst, McCurdy.
1933 Exhibits Four-In-One #'s: 3 Bartell, Benge, Hurst, Klein.
1934 Exhibits Four-In-One #'s: 3 Bartell, Hurst, Schulmerich, Wilson.
1937 Exhibits Four-In-One #'s: 2 Moore, Camilli, Whitney, and Walters.
1938 Exhibits Four-In-One #'s: 2 Arnovich, Klein, Walters, Whitney.
1939-46 Exhibits Salutations #'s: 35 Klein, 47 Mulcahy, and 56 Rizzo.
1948 Exhibits Baseball's Great Hall of Fame #'s: 1 Alexander.

1939 Father & Son Shoes Phillies #'s: 1 Arnovich, 4 Davis, 8 Passeau, 10 Klein, 11 Martin, 13 Mulcahy,
15 Scharien.

1982 FBI Discs #'s: Rose and Schmidt.

1955 Felin's Franks #'s: Unknown the number of cards but it is believed that there are 30 cards in the
set. RARE!!.
195? Fine Arts Studio (Dexter Press?) #'s: Ashburn.

1951 Fischer Baking Labels #'s: 11 Jones (Red, Yellow, Blue) and 16 Konstanty (Red, Blue).

1969 Fleer 3-D Team Cap Card #'s: 1 only. Plastic card of Phillie cap.
1983 Fleer Star Stamps Poster #’s: Whole poster.

1938 Foto Fun #'s: 2 Arnovich, 11 Camilli(?), 64 Muellar(?), 65 Mulcahy, D. Young.

1951 General Mills Premium Photos #’s: C Ashburn.
1986 General Mills Booklets #'s: 4 Schmidt.
1987 General Mills Booklets #'s: 5 Schmidt.
1941 Goudey R324 #'s: 27.

1962 Guy's Potato Chip Pins #'s: Phillies team logo.

1887 Gypsy Queens #'s: 18 Clements (hands on knees), 19 Clements (with bat), 27 Dailey, 42 Ferguson
(hands on chest), 43 Ferguson (tagging player), Ferguson (w/ bat), 61 Gunning (stooping to catch
ball on left), 62 Gunning (bending, hands by right knee), 71 Irwin, 87 McCarthy (catching),
88 McCarthy (w/ bat), 92 McGuire, and 129 Wood.

1887 H891 Tobin Lithographs #'s: 4 Charlie Ferguson ("Not Onto It") and Andrews ("Go it old boy").
1916 H801-9 Globe Stores #'s: 4, 10, 13, 18, 29, 40, 45, 46, 53, 69, 95, 106, 114, 125, 128, 132,
136, 142, 170, 189.
1916 H801-8 Boston Stores #'s: 2, 12, 18, 23, 35, 93, 102, 110, 130, 139, 169, and 188.

1958 Hires Root Beer Test Set #'s: 3 Fernandez.
1958 Hires Root Beer #'s: 16.

1971 House of Jazz #'s: Ashburn, Lowery, Lopata.

1979 HRT/RES '50 Double Headers #'s: Caballero/Church, Candini/Bowory.

I: Finished 7-25-02

1958-61 Jay Publishing 5x7 Photos Type 1 (sans serif type face) #'s: Amaro(batting, light background), Anderson(portrait, pose to neck), Ashburn(portrait, pose to neck), Bouchee(portrait, pose to chest), Callison(batting, pose to neck), Callison(batting, two bats), Farrell(portrait, pose to neck w/glove), Fernandez(portrait, pose to neck), Fernandez(portrait, pose to chest), Freese(portrait, pose to neck), Freese(portrait, pose to chest), Gomez(Reuben, portrait pose to neck), Hamner(portrait, pose to neck), Hemus(portrait, pose to chest), Jones(batting, pose to chest), Lopata(batting in cage), Lopata(batting), Lopata(portrait,pose to neck), Mahaffey(portrait, pose to chest w/ glove), Morehead(standing, pose to knees), Repulski(portrait, pose to neck), Repulski(portrait, pose to chest), Roberts(portrait, pose to neck), Sanford(pitching), Sanford(pitching-follow through).

1962-65 Jay Publishing 5x7 Photos Type 2(serif type face) #'s: Averill(batting, pose to chest),
Belinski(portrait, pose to chest), Bennett(portrait, pose to chest), Bunning(portrait,pose to chest), Bunning(pitching, follow-through), Duren (pitching, follow-through), Herbert(pitching, follow-through), Hoak(kneeling, holding bat), Roebuck(pitching, pose to chest, hands over head), Sievers(portrait, pose to chest), Sievers(batting, pose to chest), Stuart(portrait, pose to chest), Stuart(batting, pose to neck), Stuart(batting, pose to waist), Thomas(portrait, pose to chest), Thomas(batting, pose to chest, two ears show), Thomas(batting, pose to waist, one ear shows), Trinados(catching, crouching), Triandos(batting, pose to wasit), Walker(portrait, pose to chest, arms crossed).

19?? J.D. McCarthy Postcards #'s: Any Phillies: Partial List:: Amaro, Harry Anderson, Averill,
Baldschunx2, Belinsky, DenBennett, Blaylock, Bowman, Briggsx2, Brandt, Brown, Buzhardt, Callisonx3, Curry, Dalrymplex3, Demeter, Farrellx2, Fernandez, Gomez, Green, Greengrass, Groat (pen), Haddix, Hall, Hamilton, Herrerax2, Kazanski, Alex Johnson, Landrum, Lock, Lonnett (pen), Miller, Morehead, Moszak, Ramos, Rogovin, Rojas, Rosex2, Sadowski, Schockley, Seminick, Short, Simmons, Sullivan, Westlake, White, Winex2.

1962 Jell-o #'s: 192, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, and 200.
1963 Jell-o #'s: 178 and 182.

1976 Jerry Jonas Promo Cards #'s: 7 Alexander and 8 Roberts (single card or full sheet of 8).

1986 Jiffy Pop/MSA Promos #'s: 17 Schmidt.

1950-54 J.J.K. Copyart Postcards #'s: Ennis.

1958 Kahn's Weiners #'s: 22 Post.

1971 Kellogg's #'s: 21b (SO 587).

1979 KYW 1060 Book Covers #’s: Chirstansen/Lerch, Luz/Rader, Maddox/Unser, Boone/Anderson,
McGraw/Harrelson, Espinoza/Reed, Schmidt/Eastwick (Definitely other pairings).

1912 L1 Leathers #'s: 89 Alexander, 98 Magee, and 101 Dooin.

1975 Laughlin Batty Baseball #'s: 6.

1973-74 Linnett Portraits #'s: Boone, Luzinski, Montanez.

1886 Lorillard Team Card #'s: Philadelpia Leauge Club.

1949 Lummis Peanut Butter Phillies #'s: Ashburn, Borowy, Ennis, Hamner, Jones, Meyer, Nicholson,
Roberts, Rowe, Seminick, Simmons, and Waitkus.

1910 Luxello Cigars Pins (PT2)#'s: Bates, Bransfield, Dooin, Doolan, Grant, Knabe, McQuillan, Moore, Moren, Schettler, Sparks, and Titus.

189? M-??? New York Sporting News Supplement #’s: Allen (might be others).
1899-1900 M-101-1 Sporting News Supplements #'s: R. Becker, F. Donahue, E. Delahanty, N. Lajoie,
R. Thomas.
1909-13 M101-2 Sporting News Supplements #'s: 42 Dooin and 73 Alexander.
1916 M101-4 Sporting News #'s: 4, 10, 13, 24, 29, 40, 46, 53, 95, 106, 114, 136, 142, 170.
1915 M101-5 Sporting News #'s: 4, 9, 12, 13, 17, 22, 27, 41, 93, 104, 123, 130, 142, 172.
1919 M101-6 F. Mendelsohn #'s: 1 Alexander, 5 Bancroft, 17 Cravath, Killefer, 52 Luderas, McKinnis, Paskert, 91 Whitted , and 92 Williams.
1911 M116 Sporting Life #'s: 29 Bransfield, 71a Dooin (blue background), 94 Foxen, 105 Grant,
125 Jacklitsch, 161 Magee, 226 Schlettler, 273a Walsh (grey background), 273b Walsh (white background), 265 Titus.
1888 M117 Sporting Times #'s: 5 Clements and 25 Thompson.

1953 MacGregor Staff #'s: Ashburn and Bouchee.

1961 Manny's Baseball Land 8x10s #'s: 134 Koppe, 135 Mahaffey, 136 Mauch, 137 Owens, 138 Roberts, 139 Sullivan.

1924 MLB Player Die-Cuts (Indoor Game) #’s: Hal Carlson, Hod Ford, Whitney Glazner, George Harper,
Butch Henline, Walter Holke, Bill Hubbell, Clarence Mitchell, Jimmy Ring, Heinie Sand,
Joe Schultz, Cy Williams, Jimmie Wilson, and Russ Wrightstone.
1925 MLB Player Die-Cuts (Indoor Game) #’s: Hal Carlson, Jack Knight, Johnny Couch, Jimmy Ring,
Clarence Mitchell, Butch Henline, Jimmie Wilson, Russ Wrightstone, Chicken Hawks, Lew Fonseca, George Harper, Heinie Sand, and George Burns.
1926 MLB Player Die-Cuts (Indoor Game) #’s: Hal Carlson, George Harper, Butch Henline, Clarence Huber, Jack Knight, Fred Leach, John McKan (Mokan), Clarence Mitchell, Heinie Sand, Claude Willoghby, Jimmie Wilson.
1927 MLB Player Die-Cuts (Indoor Game) #’s: Alex Ferguson, Barney Friberg, Bubber Jonnard,
Tony Kaufmann, Fred Leach, Clarence Mitchell, Hub Pruett, Heinie Sand, Jack Scott,
Fresco Thompson, Cy Williams, Jimmie Wilson, Russell Wrightstone.

1968 MLB Player Marbles #'s: Allen.
1970-1 MLB Photostamps #'s: Hisle.

1955 Mascot Dog Food #’s: Robin Roberts.

1982 Montreal News #'s: 13 Rose and 14 Schmidt.

1976 Mr. Softee Iron-On Disk #’s: Schmidt (might be others)

1977 MSA Disc (Ad Back) #'s: 4 Bowa and 29 Luz.
1977ish MSA Coca-Cola Cup Lid #’s: Schmidt (might be Carlton...have Luz and Bowa).
1987 MSA Iced Tea Discs (only need Bustelo, Lady Lee) #'s: Schmidt and Parrish
1988 MSA Iced Tea Discs (Tetley, Baseball SuperStars, Key, A&P Supermarkets) #'s:
Schmidt (need Tetley, Key, and A&P) and Bedrosian (Tetley, Superstars, Key, A&P).

1888 N-29 Allen & Ginter #'s: 2 Fogarty.
1888 N-43 Allen & Ginter #'s: 2 Fogarty.
1893 N-142 Duke Cabinets #'s: 2 Delehanty.
1888 N-162 Goodwin Champions #'s: 1 Andrews.

1887-90 N-172 Old Judge #'s: 5-2 Allen (hands on thighs), 5-4b Allen (fielding, hands at waist),
9-1a Andrews (bat in hand at side), 9-1b Andrews (bat in hand at side, "Phila's"), 9-2a Andrews
(striking ball, "Phila"), 9-2b Andrews (striking ball, "Philadelphia's"), 9-3 Andrews (Bat at
ready, no ball), 9-4 Andrews (right hand abovehead, left hand behind at side), 9-5a Andrews
(fielding, hands shoulder high, "Phila's"), 9-5b Andrews (fielding, hands shoulder high,
"Philadelphias"), 9-6a Andrews/Hoover (Andrews being tagged by Hoover, "Phila"),
9-6b Andrews/Hoover (Andrews being tagged by Hoover, "Phia's"),
23-1 Bastian (batting, looking at camera), 23-2 Bastian (batting, looking at ball), 23-3a (bat over
shoulder, "Phila"), 23-4 Bastian(fielding, hands chest high), 23-5 Bastian(stooping for low ball),
23-6 Bastian/Schriver (Schriver tagging Bastian),
50-1d Buffington ("Buffinton", pitching, "Phialadelphias"), 50-2a Buffington ("Buffinton", batting), 50-3 Buffington (pitching, right hand above head),
72-1a Casey (ball in hand at side, "P. Phila"), 72-1b Casey (ball in hand at side, "Pitcher,
Philadelphia"), 72-1c Casey (ball in hand at side, "Casey" on front, "P., Philadelphias"),
72-1d Casey (ball in hand at side, "D.M. Casey" on front, "P., Philadelphias"), 72-2a Casey
(ready to pitch, "Phila"), 72-2b Casey (ready to pitch, "Philadelphias), 72-3a Casey (start of
pitch, "Phila"), 72-3b Casey (start of pitch, "Philadelphia"), 72-3c Casey (start of pitch,
74-1 Childs (batting, heels together), 74-2 Childs (batting, heels well apart), 74-3 Childs (fielding), 74-4a Childs (throwing, "Phila"),
79-1a Clements (hands on knees, "Phila"), 79-1d Clements (hands on knees, "Phila(N.L.)"),
79-2a Clements (fielding, "Phila"), 79-2b Clements(fielding, "Philadelphia"),
79-2c Clements (fielding, "Philadelphias"), 79-3a Clements (batting, "Phila"),
79-3b Clements (batting, "Philadelphia"), 79-3d Clements (batting, "Phil"),
110-1a Dailey (pitching, right hand head high, "Phila"), 110-1b Dailey (pitching, right hand head
high, "Philadelphia"), 110-2a Dailey (pitching, hands neck high, "Phila"), 110-2b Dailey (pitching,hands neck high, "Philadelphia"), 110-3b Dailey (bat at ready, "Philadelphia"),
122-1 Decker (bat horizontal), 122-2a Decker (bat over shoulder, "Philadelphias"), 122-2b Decker (bat
over shoulder, "Philadelphia (NL)"), 122-3 Decker (fielding, hands thigh high), 122-4a Decker
(fielding, hands chest high, "Philadelphias"), 122-4b Decker (fielding, hands chest high,
"Philadelphia"),122-5c Decker(throwing, "Philadelphia (NL)"),
123-1a Delahanty (bat by shoulder, "Phila"), 123-1b Delahanty (bat by shoulder, "Phila's"),
123-2 Delahanty (bat horizontal), 123-3b Delahanty (fielding, hands at waist, "Phila's"),
123-4a Delahanty (throwing, "Phila"), 123-4b Delahanty (throwing, "Phila's"),
123-5 Delahanty (fielding grounder),
153-1b Farrar (fielding, hands head high, "Philadelphia"), 153-1c Farrar (fielding, hands head high,
"Philadelphias"), 153-2c Farrar (fielding grounder, name correct, "Philadelphias"),
153-2e Farraer (fielding grounder, name incorrect, "Philadelphias"), 153-3b Farrar (right arm at belt, w/ cap, "Philadelphia"), 153-3c Farrar (right arm at belt, w/ cap, "Phil"), 153-3d Farrar (right hand at belt, w/ cap, name correct, "Philadelphias"), 153-3e Farrer (right arm at belt, w/ cap, name incorect, "Philadelphias"), 153-4b Farrar (fielding, hands chin high, "Philadelphia"), 153-5a Farrar (fielding, hands ankle high,"Phila"), 153-5b Farrar (fielding, hands ankle high, "Philadelphia"), 153-5c Farrar (fielding, hands ankle high, "Philadelphias"), 153-6a Farrar (arms folded, no cap, "Phila"), 153-6b Farrar (arms folded, no cap, "Philadelphia"), 153-6c Farrar (arms folded, no cap, "Philadelphias"), 153-7 Farrar (hands on thighs, looking at ball head high),
157-1a Ferguson (batting, "Phila"), 157-1b Ferguson (batting, "Philadelphia"), 157-2b Ferguson
(pitching,"Philadelphia"), 157-3a Ferguson (throwing, "Phila"), 157-4a Ferguson (tagging player, "Phila"), 157-4b Ferguson (tagging player, "Philadelphia"),
165-1a Fogarty (fielding on run to left, hand head high, "R.F."), 165-1b Fogarty (fielding on run to
left, hand head high, "Right Field"), 165-2b Fogarty (fielding, hands neck high, "Right Field"),
165-3a Fogarty (fielding grounder, "R.F."), 165-3b Fogarty(fielding grounder, "Right Field"), 165-4a Fogarty(batting, name correct, "R.F."), 165-4b Fogarty(batting, name correct, "Right Field"), 165-4c Fogerty(batting, name incorrect, "R.F. Phila"), 165-5b Fogarty(sliding, "Right Field"),
180-1 Gardner (fielding low ball), 180-2 Gardner (batting), 180-3 Gardner (throwing),
192-1a Gleason (fielding grounder, "Phila"), 192-2b Gleason (bat over shoulder, "Philadelphias"),
192-3a Gleason (bat horizontal, "Phila"), 192-3b Gleason (bat horizontal, "Philadelphias"),
192-3c Gleason (bat horizontal, "Phil'a (NL)"), 192-4 Gleason (pitching, hands at neck, "Philadelphias"), 192-5 Gleason (pitching, right hand forward and head high, "Phila"),
204-1b Gunning (fielding low ball on left, Philadelphias), 204-2b Gunning (hands by right knee,
209-1 Hallman (bat on shoulder), 209-2a Hallman (throwing, right hand head high, "Philadelphia"),
209-2b Hallman (throwing, right hand head high, "Philadelphias"), 209-3a Hallman (fielding, hands
chest high, "Philadelphia"), 209-3b Hallman (fielding, hands chest high, "Philadelphias"),
209-4 Hallman (leaning to left, about to catch ball chest high),
210-4b Hamilton (fielding, hands above waist, "Philadelphia N.L."), 210-5b Hamilton (fielding, hands neck high, "Philadelphia N.L."),
224-1 Henry (bat over shoulder), 224-2 Henry (batting), 224-3 Henry (fielding), 224-4 Henry
(throwing), 224-5 Henry (pitching),
233-1 Hoover (batting, "Philadelphia"), 233-2 Hoover (fielding, hands head high, "Philadelphia"),
233-3 Hoover (fielding, hands thigh high, "Philadelphia"), 233-4 Hoover (throwing,"Philadelphia"),
244-1 Irwin (portrait, looking left, "Philadelphias"), 244-2 Irwin (portrait, looking right, "Philadelphias"), 244-3a Irwin (fielidng, hands cupped chest high, "Phila"), 244-3b Irwin
(fielding, hands cupped chest high, "Philadelphia"), 244-3c Irwin (fielding, hands cupped chest
high, "Philadelphias"), 244-4a Irwin (batting, "Phila"), 244-4b (batting, "Philadelphia"),
244-4c Irwin (batting, "Philadelphias"), 244-5a Irwin (throwing, "Phila"), 244-5b Irwin (throwing,
"Philadelphia"), 244-6a Irwin (fielding grounder, hands between knees, "Phila"), 244-6b Irwin
(fielding grounder, hands between knees, "Philadelphia"), 244-6c Irwin (fielding grounder, hands
between knees, "Philadelphias"), 244-7 Irwin (stooping right to field ball by left foot),
244-8 Irwin (bat on shoulder, heels together), 244-9 Irwin (bat horizontal, ball not
visible), 244-10a Irwin (fielidng, hands above head, "Philadelphias"), 244-11 Irwin (doffing cap),
257-1 Kelly (batting, hands close to body), 257-2 Kelly (batting, hands away from body), 257-3 Kelly
(fielding, hands head high), 257-4 Kelly (fielding, hands thigh high), 257-5 Kelly (throwing),
301-1a McCarthy (sliding, indoor background, "Phila"), 301-1b McCarthy (sliding, indoor background,
"Philadelphia"), 301-2a McCarthy (throwing, indoor background, "Phila"), 301-2b McCarthy
(throwing, indoor background, "Philadelphia"), 301-3a McCarthy (tagging player, "Phila"),
301-4a McCarthy (batting, indoor background, "Phila"), 301-4b McCarthy (batting, indoor background, "Philadelphia"), 301-5a McCarthy (fielding, hands chest high, "Phila"),
301-5b McCarthy (fielding, hands chest high, "Philadelphia"),
312-1a McGuire (hands on knees, "Phila"), 312-1b McGuire (hands on knees, "Philadelphia"),
312-2a McGuire (right hand on hip, left arm at side, "Phila"), 312-2b McGuire (right hand on hip,
left arm at side, "Philadelphia"),312-3b McGuire (fielding, hands shoulder high, "Philadelphia"),
312-4a McGuire (batting, "Phila"), 312-4b McGuire (batting, "Philadelphia"),
332-1a Mulvey (hands on thighs, ball head high, "3d B."), 332-1b (hands on thighs, ball head high,
"Third Base"), 332-2b Mulvey (batting, "Third Base"), 332-3d Mulvey (fielding, hands above waist, "3d B. Philadelphia"),
338-2e Myers (2 B, Philadelphia (NL)),
398-1 Sanders (pitching), 398-2a Sanders (throwing, "Phila"), 398-2b Sanders(throwing, "Philadelphias"),
398-3b Sanders (fielding, "Philadelphia"), 398-4 Sanders (batting),
405-1a Schriver (bat over right shoulder, "Phila"), 405-1b Schriver (bat over right shoulder,
"Philadelphias"), 405-2 Schriver (bat horizontal), 405-3 Schriver (fielding, hands ankle high),
405-4a Schriver (fielding, hands chest high, "Phila"), 405-5a Schriver (throwing, "Phila"),
405-5b Schriver (throwing, "Philadelphias"), 405-5c Schriver (throwing, "Phila (N.L.)"),
456-3b Thompson (arms folded, Philas (NL)), 456-4b Thompson (bat in hand at side, Phila's),
456-4c Thompson (bat in hand at side, Philadelphia),
469-1 Tyng (batting, looking at camera), 469-2 Tyng (bat in hand at side), 469-3 Tyng (pitching),
508-1b Wood (batting, "Left Field Philadelphia"), 508-1c Wood (batting, "L.F. Philadelphias"),
508-2a Wood (fielding, hands neck high, "L.F. Phila"), 508-2b Wood (fielding, hands neck high,
"Left Field Philadelphia"), 508-2c Wood (fielding, hands neck high, "L.F. Philadelphias"),
508-3a Wood (fielding grounder, "L.F. Phila"), 508-3b Wood (fielding grounder, "Left Field
Philadelphia"), 508-3c Wood (fielding grounder, "L.F. Philadelphias"), 508-4a Wood (throwing,
"L.F. Phila"), 508-4b Wood (throwing, "Left Field Philadelphia"), 508-4c Wood (throwing, "L.F.
509-1 Wood (bat on shoulder, "P. Philadelphias"), 509-2 Wood (bat nearly horizontal,
"P. Philadelphias"), 509-3 Wood (pitching, hands at neck, "P. Philadelphia"), 509-5 Wood
(pitching, right hand extended at side head high, "P. Philadelphias"),
510-1a Wright (portrait looking right, "Phila"), 510-1b Wright (portrait looking right, "Phila's"),
510-1d Wright (portrait looking right, "Phila (NL)"), 510-2 Wright (portrait looking left, beard
clear of right side of collar), 510-3 Wright (portrait looking left, beard just over right side
of collar).

1888-89 N-173 Old Judge Cabinets #'s: 2 Andrews (both hands shoulder level), 3 Andrews (one hand above head), 4 Andrews/Hoover, 13 Bastian, 14 Bastian/Schriver,34 Buffington (hands chest high),
35 Buffington (right hand above head, Dog's Head), 47 Casey, 51 Childs, 59 Clements (hands on
knees), 60 Clements (hands outstreched at neck level), 61 Clements (w/ bat), 118 Farrar (hands
outstreched at head level), 119 Farrar (stooping), 123 Ferguson, 128 Fogarty (catching, hands at
neck level), 129 Fogarty (running to left, hands at head level), 143 Gardner, 155 Gleason
(fielding), 156 Gleason (pitching), 166 Hallman, 181 B. Hoover, 182 Irwin (catching), 183 Irwin
(throwing), 203 Kelly, 235 McGuire, 250 Mulvey(catching), 251 Mulvey (w/ bat), 303 Sanders (hands
at neck level), 304 Sanders (right hand at head level), Sanders (batting) 308 Schriver (hands at ankle level), 309 Schriver (hands cupped at chest level), 354 Tyng, 382 G. Wood (both hands at neck level), 383 G. Wood (right hand at head level), and 385 Wright.

1887-90 N-175-1 Gypsy Queen #'s: Clements, Daily, Ferguson, Gunning, McCarthy, McGuire, Wood, and Irwin.
1887 N-284 Buchner Gold Coin #'s: 1 Andrews (hands at neck), 2 Andrews (hands waist high), 24 Casey, 27 Clements, 50 Farrar, 53 Ferguson, 55 Fogarty, 75 Irwin, 94 Mulvey (hands on knees), 95 Mulvey (hands above head), 142 Wood (hands at right shoulder),and 143 Wood (stealing base).
1895 N-300 Mayo's Cut Plug #'s: 11 Delahanty, 18a Haddock (no team on shirt), 19 Hallman, and
20 Hamilton.
1888 N-403 Yum Yum Tobacco #'s: 50 Wood, Fogarty(uncatalouged), possibly others.
1887 N690 Kalamazoo Bats #'s: 1 Andrews, 2 Bastian/Lyons, 5 Buffington, 6 Casey, 7 Clements, 12 Devlin,
17 Farrar, 18 Ferguson, 19 Fogarty,20 Fogarty/McGuire, 22 Gibson, 24 Gunning, 25 Irwin,
26 Irwin/Maul, 31 Lyons, 32 Lyons/Taylor, 37 Maul, 40 McGuire (catching), 41 McGuire (throwing),
43 Mulvey, 57 Wood, and 58 Wright.
1887 N690 Kalamazoo Bats Cabinets #'s: 1 Andrews, 2 Bastian/Casey/Taylor, 3 Bastian/Lyons, 5 Buffington, 6 Casey, 7 Clements, 8 Devlin, 9 Farrar, 10 Ferguson, 11 Fogarty, 13 Gunning, 14 Irwin,
15 Irwin/Maul, 21 Maul, 23 McGuire, 25 Mulvey, 30 Wood, and 33 Philadelphia B.B.C.
1887 N-690-1 Kalamazoo Bats Team Cards #'s: 5 Philadelphia B.B.C.

1898-99 National Copper Plate Portraits #’s: Becker, Cross, and Thompson.

1952 National Tea Labels #'s: 8 Ennis, 13 Hamner, and 22 Roberts.

1974 New York News This Day in Sports #'s: 19 Roberts and 26 Sisler.

1953 Northland Bread Labels #'s: 2 Ashburn and 26 Ryan.

1907-09 Novelty Cutlery Postcards #'s: 10 Dooin.

1985 O'Connell & Sons Limited Edition Print 8 1/2 x 10 #'s: Allen, Roberts, Ashburn, Carlton.

1968 O-Pee-Chee #'s: 17 and 190.
1971 O-Pee-Chee #'s: 533, 554, 664, 705, 728.
1976 O-Pee-Chee #'s: 480.
1984 O-Pee-Chee Box Card #'s: Carlton.
1984 O-Pee-Chee Stickers #'s: 115.
1986 O-Pee-Chee Tattoo #'s: Hayes, Hudson, Maddox, Wilson, Carlton, Schmidt and Samuel.
1988 O-Pee-Chee Box Panels(Blank Backs) #'s:B Bedrosian(Panel or single card) and O Schmidt(Panel ).
1989 O-Pee-Chee Box Panels #'s: E Gross and L Schmidt (panel blank back).

1949 Olmes Studio Postcards #'s: Roberts.

1910-1912 P2 Sweet Cap. Pins #'s: 142b Titus (large letters).

1915 PM-1 Anonymous Pins (Ornate-frame) #'s: 4 Al Demaree.

1963 PF-35 Rold Gold Pretzels #'s: Phillies team.
1967 PF-36 Rold Gold Pretzels #'s: Phillies team.

1947-66 PM-10 Stadium Pins (1 3/4") #'s: Anderson, Ashburn, Ennis, Hamner, Jones, Konstanty, Lopata, Sanford, Seminick, Simmons,and Waitkus.
1947-65 PM-10 Stadium Pins (2 1/8") #'s: Bunning, Callison, Dalrymple, Miller(?), Roberts, Short,
Sievers, and Wine.

1956 PM15 Yellow Basepath #'s: 4 Ashburn.

1938 PR1 Baseball Tabs #'s: Klein and Phillies.
1932 PR3 Orbit Gum Pins-UnNumbered #'s: 13 Collins.

1965 PW10 "Go Phillies Go" Button#'s: Allen, Amaro, Bunning, Callison, Covington, Culp, Rojas, Short, Stuart, Taylor, Wine.

1933 PX3 Double Header Pins #'s: 4 Bartell, 26 Klein, and 35 Rhem.

1909-1912 PX7 Domino Discs #'s: 35 Doolan, 96 Paskert, 105b Scanlon.
1980 Pepsi-Cola All-Stars Prototypes #’s: Schmidt and Carlton.

1982 Perma-Graphics Super-Star Credit Cards Gold #'s: 3 (Schmidt).
1983 Perma-Graphics All-Star Credit Cards #'s: 16 (Schmidt).
1983 Perma-Graphics All-Star Credit Cards Gold #'s: 16 (Schmidt).
1983 Perma-Graphics Super-Star Credit Cards #'s: 14 (Schmidt).

1989 Phoenix Magnetables #’s: Bradley.

1949 Philadelphia Bulletin #'s: Ashburn, Blatner, Bicknell, Bowory, Caballero, Donnelly, Dykes, Ennis,
Hamner, Heintzelman, Hollmig, Kellner, Konstanty, Lopata, Mayo, Meyer, Miller, Roberts, Rowe,
Sawyer, Seminick, Silvestri, Simmons, Sisler, Trinkle, Waitkus. Coaches: Bennough, Brucker,
Cooke, E. Mack, Perkins, and Simmons.
1950 Phila. Inquirer Photos #'s: Ashburn, Bloodworth, Caballero, Church, Donnelly, Ennis, Goliat,
Hamner, Hollmig, Jones, Konstanty, Meyer, Miller, Nicholson, Roberts,Simmons, Waitkus, and Whitman.
1950 Philadelphia Bulletin Panorma Print #’s: Phillies (duh).
1964 Philadelphia Bulletin Phillies Album #’s: Bunning(pitching), Callison, Covington, Gonzalez.
1952 Philadelphia Phillies Player Pins #’s: Ashburn, Ennis, Hamner, Jones, Konstanty, Roberts, Seminick,
Simmons, and Waitkus.

1943 Phillies Team Issue #'s: Adams, Beck, Brewster, Busby, Culp, Dahlgren, Dietz, Eyrich, Fuchs,
Gerheauser, Johnson, Kimball, Klein, Kraus, Livingston, May, Murtaugh, Northey, Padden, Rowe,
Stewart, Triplett, and Wasdell.
1958-60 Phillies Team Issue #’s: Anderson, Bouchee, Callison, Coker, Post, Sawyer, Semproch.
1964 Phillies Team Issue #'s: Bunning, Dalrymple, Gonzalez, Rojas, Short, and Sievers.
1966 Phillies Team Issue #'s: Brandt, Bunning, Callison, Culp, Dalrymple, Gonzalez, Groat, Linz,
Rojas, Short, and White.
1969 Phillies Team Issue #'s: Callison, Fryman, Hisle, Johnson, Meny, Rojas, Ryan, Short,
Skinner, Taylor, and Wise.
1970 Phillies Team Issue #'s: Bowa, Briggs, Doyle, Hisle, Jackson, Johnson, Joseph, McCarver, Money,
Short, Taylor, and Wise.
1975 Phillies Photocards #’s: Hilgendorf, Harmon, Hoerner, Hutton, Lonborg, and Oates (prob. more)
1979 Phillies Team Issue #'s: Ashburn, Boone, Bowa, Luz, Maddox, McBride, Roberts, Rose, Schmidt,
and Trillo.
1915 Postaco Stamps #’s: Grover Cleveland Alexander.

1978 Quaker Iron-Ons: Boone, Carlton, Christenson, Johnstone, Kaat, Luzinski, Maddox, Underwood.

1933 R-300 George C. Miller #'s: 4 Bartell and 20 Klein.
1937 R-301 Overland Candy #'s: Gomez.
1935 R-304 Demaree Die-Cuts #'s: 111, 112, 114, 115, 117, 118 and 120, 133(?). (possibly 113, 116, 119).
1933 R-305 Tatoo Orbit #'s: 4 Bartell.
1933 R-308 Tatoo Orbit Self Develop #'s: 166.
1934 R-309-1 Goudey Premiums #'s: 2 National Leauge All-Stars of 1933.
1935 R-309-2 Goudey Premiums #'s: 3 Bartell.
1936 R-311 Glossy Finish #'s: 23 National Leauge All-Stars of 1934.
1929 R-316 (Kashin) #'s: 66 O'Doul and 98 Whitney.
1934-36 R-318 Batter-up #s: 104, 150, 176, 185.
1933 R-317 Uncle Jack's Candy #'s: 18 Klein.
1932 R-328 U.S. Carmel #'s: 21 Klein and O'Doul.
1935 R-332 Schutter Johnson #'s: 14, 19, 30.
1932 R-337 Eclipse Import #'s: 424 Bartell.
1947 R-346 Blue Tint #'s: 39a(blue) 39b (b/w).
1950 R-423 #'s: Alexander and Ashburn.

1950s-70s Rawlings Advisory Staff Photos #’s: Demeter, Mahaffey, White (b/w), White (color).
1955 Rawlings #'s: Ashburn, Hamner, Lopata.
1960 Rawlings #'s: Roberts.

1978 RC Cola Cans #'s: Carlton.

1976 Red Barn Discs (MSA) #'s: 54 Schmidt

1954 Red Man Tobacco #'s: 1N (with tab) and 12N(with tab).
1955 Red Man Tobacco #'s: 15N(with tab).

1908-09 Rose Company Postcards (PC-760) #'s: Bransfield, Brown, Corridon, Dooin, Doolan, Grant, Knabe, Magee, McQuillan, Osbourne, Sparks, and Titus.

1950 Royal Desserts #'s: 7b Seminick (2nd paragraph ends "...since 1916."), 7c Seminick (2nd paragraph ends "...right handed."), 19b Sisler (2nd paragraph ends "...National leauge flag."), 19c Sisler (2nd paragraph ends "...Nov. 2, 1920."), and 19d Sisler (2nd paragraph ends "...from '46 to '48.").

1910 S-74 Silks-Colored #'s: 6 Bates, 32 Doolan, 40 Ewing, 64 Lobert, 75 Moran, 92 Rowan.
1912 S-81 Silks #'s: 114 Alexander, 123 Magee, and 126 Dooin.

1977 Saga Discs (MSA) #'s: 54 Schmidt.
1989 St. Vincent Stamps #'s: Allen, Hayes, and Roberts.

1949 Sealtest Phillies #'s: 1 Ashburn, 2 Borowy, 3 Ennis, 4 Hamner, 5 Jones, 6 Meyer, 8 Roberts, 9 Rowe,
10 Seminick, and 12 Waitkus.

1977 7-11 Slurpee MSA Promo Lids #'s: Schmidt, Luzinski, Bowa, and Cash (may be others).

1962 Shirriff Coins (Canadian Issue) #'s: 86 and 204.

1950s-70s Spalding Advisory Staff Photos #’s: Allen, Bunning, Buzhardt, Dalrymple.

1981 Sportrait HOF #'s: 8 (Klein).

1947 Sports Exchange Minatures #'s: 79 Ennis.

1968-70 Sports Illustrated ML Posters #’s: Allen, Callison, and Short.

1988 Star Co. Platinum #'s: 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40. (All Schmidt).

1928 Star Player Candy #'s: 70 C. Williams.

1952 Star-Cal Decals Type 1 #'s: 77A and 77C.
1952 Star-Cal Decals Type 2 #'s: 89C.

1964 Sunny Ayr Farms Dairy #'s: Callison.

1957 Swift Meats #'s: 17 Ashburn.

1911 T-3 Turkey Reds #'s: 82 Bransfield, 90a Doolin (name incorrect), and 112b Paskert (Cincinnati and Philadelphia).
1911 T-5 Pinkerton #'s: 301 Luderus, 302 Titus,303 Dooin, 304 Stack, 305 Bransfield, 306 Magee,
307 Knabe, 308 Walsh, 309 Moore, 310 Doolan, 311 Brennan, 312 Ewing, and 313 Schletter.
1913 T-200 Fatima Premiums #'s: Phillies (large format).
1909 T-204 Ramly #'s: 15b Bransfield (square frame).
1912 T-207s: Downey and Rasmussen.
1910 T-213 Coupon Type 1 (Coupon (mild) Cigarettes) #'s: 17 Doolan and 37 Knabe.
1914 T-213 Coupon Type 2 (20 for 5 cents) #'s: 5c Bender(no trees), 28a Devore, 71c McQuillian ("Philadelphia Nat.").
1914-15 T-214 Victory Tobbaco #'s: Paskert.
1910 T-215 Red Cross Type 1 (brown captions) #'s: 19 Donlin, 20 Doolan, 44 Magee, and 60 Paskert.
1910 T-215 Red Cross Type 2 (blue captions) #'s: 16 Donlin, 17 Doolan (batting), 18 Doolan (fielding),
1912 T-215 Pirate #'s: 17 Doolan (batting) and 18 Doolan (fielding).
1914 T-216 Kotton #'s: 24a Dooin, 37a Jacklitsch, 40a Knabe, and 45 Magee.
1914 T-222 Fatima #'s: 1 Alexander, 26 Lobert, and 28 Magee.
1914 T-330-2 Piedmont Art Stamps #'s: 6 Bates, 31 Dooin, 56 Killifer, 61 Magee, 71 Moran, 80 Paskert.
1911 T-332 Helmar Stamps #'s: Downey, Luderas, Magee, Moore, and Titus.
1924 T-unc Diaz (Cuban) #'s: Betts, Carlson, Clazner, Couch, Hamilton, Harris, Hasty, Heimach, Hubbell, Lewis, Mitchell, Ogden, Ring, Walberg, Weinert, Winter.

1988 Tara Toys Superstar Collectible Plaques #’s: Bedrosian, Hayes, Schmidt.

1987 Tastykake Phillies #'s: 20 (Schmidt).
1988 Tastykake Phillies #'s: 4a Elia (vertical), 4b Elia (horizontal), 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13,
15a Almon, 15b Guiterrez, 16a Aguayo, 16b Bowa, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, 29,
30, 31, 33, 38, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 52, Coaching Staff, Phillies Prospects(Barrett et. al.), Phillie Phanatic, Team Photo, and Phillie Broadcasters.
1989 Tastykake Phillies #'s: 4a Dykstra, 8b Hayes, 11, 13, 18, 23, 35, 39, 45, and Sponsor Card.

1972 TCMA The ‘30s #’s: Grace, May, Kelleher.
1973-78 TCMA League Leaders #’s: Cy Williams.

1928 Tharp's Ice Cream #'s: 44 Alexander and 52 Williams.

1972 Ticketron #'s: McCarver.

1952 Tip-Top Bread #'s: 13 Hamner, 33 Roberts, and 44 Waitkus.

1948 Topps Magic Photos #'s: 12.
1951 Topps Current All-Stars #'s: 7 Konstanty, 10 Roberts, and Stanky.
1954 Topps Canadian (grey backs) #’s: 41, 45.
1955 Topps Sports Illustrated Inserts Sheet. Has Danny Schell on it w/ Banks, etc. Issue is 4/11/55.
All Regular Topps past 1954 are upgrades and I would love them in at least exmt condition.
1955 Topps Stamps #'s: 46 Kazanski, 79 Schell (?).
1955 Topps Double-Headers #'s: 121/122.
1955 Topps Hocus-Focus #'s: 11.
1956 Topps Hocus-Focus #'s: 9.
1956 Topps Pins #'s: 36 Negray.
1958 Topps #'s: 36 and 433a Herrer.
1959 Topps Venezuelan #'s: 31, 39, 63, 85, 92, 121, 129, 156, 175, 178.
1960 Topps Venezuelan #'s: 17, 52, 64, 82, 97, 103, 130, 185, 194.
1962 Topps Venezuelan #'s: 111 and 157.
1963 Topps #'s 341b (inset picture airbrused w/ crosshatch), 478, 549, and 571.
1964 Topps #'s: 379, 412, 464, 482, 520, 533, and 585.
1964 Topps Photo Tattoos #'s: 7 Callison, 12 Culp, and 71 Phillies logo.
1964 Topps Rookie All-Star Banquet Cards #'s: 1961 Topps Rookie A.S. team card w/ Smith, and 1964 Rookie A.S. Honoree card with special intro card- R. Allen.
1964 Topps Venezuelan #'s: 83 and 243.
1965 Topps Transfers #'s: 11 Callison.
1966 Topps #'s: 543 and 591.
1966 Topps Punchouts #'s: Callison.
1966 Topps Collectors Book w/ sked (has pictures of '66 Allen and '65 Bunning) a premium by Topps.
1966 Topps Venezuelan #'s: 32, 121, 151, 170, 202, 230, 284, 304, 324, 359.
1967 Topps #'s: 587.
1967 Topps Discs #'s: 2 Callison
1967 Topps Punch-Outs #'s: Allen, Bunning, Callison, Groat, White. (Many front combos, any will do).
1967 Topps Stand-Ups #'s: 18.
1967 Topps Venezuelan #'s: 214b, 265, 274, 299, 311, 314, 329.(might be others).
1968 Topps Action All-Star Stickers #'s: 4, 7, 12, and 15. (panels or singles are fine).
1968 Topps Discs #'s: 2 Allen.
1968 Topps Plaks #'s: 14 and Checklist #2.
1968 Topps Venezuelan #'s: 1, 17, 59, 98, 122, 190, 217, 225, 245, 262, 284, 306, 327, 348.
1969 Topps 4-on-1 Mini Stickers #'s: 4 Wise et. al., 5 Callison et. al, 21 Jackson et. al., and
22 Phillies Rookies et. al.
1969 Topps Super #'s: 53 and 54.
1970 Topps Candy Lids #'s: 15 McCarver.
1971 Topps Baseball Tattoos #'s: 16.
1971 Topps Super Proofs #'s: 34
1972 Topps #'s: 741.
1972 Topps Venezuelan Stamps #'s: 7, 27, 51, 89, 96, 109, 136.
1973 Topps Comics #'s: 4 Carlton.
1973 Topps Pin-Ups #'s: 4 Carlton.
1974 Topps Action Emblem Stickers #'s: 11 K.C./Phillies and 19 Phillies/L.A.
1974 Topps Deckle Edge #'s: 5 (Carlton).
1981 Topps Thirst Break Comics #'s: 10.
1982 Topps Blackless Cards #’s: 20, 100, 101, 127, 183, 220, 285, 317, 352, 480, 515, 581, 615, 713,
745, and 780.
1984 Topps Gallery of Immortals #'s: Carlton(aluminum and silver), Morgan (aluminum and silver), Rose(aluminum and silver), and Schmidt(aluminum and silver).
1985 Topps Gallery of Champions #'s: Schmidt (aluminum and silver).
1987 Topps Gallery of Champions #'s: Schmidt (bronze).
1988 Topps Cloth Sticker Cards #'s: Rawley A.S., Samuel A.S., Bedrosian A.S., and Roenicke.
1989 Topps Heads-Up #'s: Schmidt.

U: Finished 4-14-98

1921 V-61 Neilson's Chocolate: (Type 1 fancy back, Type 2 plain back)
Type 1#'s: Henline, Wrightstone, Rapp, Meusel, Williams, and Ring.
Type 2#’s: Hubbell, Rapp, Meusel, Williams.

1922 V-89 William Peterson #'s: 30 Williams (might be more).

1933 V-94 Butterfinger (Canadian) #'s: 33 Holley, 39 Lee, 45 Moore, and C. Fullis.

1923 V-100 Willard Chocolate's: 62 Henline, 63 Holke, 77 Keenan, 132 Ring, 162 Tiernay, 172 F. Williams.

1936 V-355 World Wide Gum #'s: 5, 13, 61.

1966 Van Huesen Phillies #’s: Belinsky, Bunning, Covington, Groat, White, (may be others).

1922 W-501 #'s: 99 and 100.
1922 W-503 #'s: 30, 47.
1923 W-515 (Fleer back) #’s: 23 Meadows.
1931 W-517 #'s: 10.
1920 W-520 #'s: 1.
1921 W-521 #'s: 3.
1918 W-522 #'s: 36 and 40.
1930 W-554 #'s: O'Doul.
1907 W-555 #'s: 3 Bates, 8 Bransfield, 26 Doolan, 44 McGee(Magee), 49 Moore.
1923 W-572 #'s: 74 Parkinson, 81 Rapp, 111 Curt Walker.
1922 W-573 #'s: 42 Fletcher and 142 Wrightstone.
1932 W-575-1 #'s: Stengel and Walker.
1903,04,05,07,08,09 W-601 Sporting Life Team Composites #'s: Philadelphia, National League.
1902-1911 W-600 Sporting Life Cabinets #'s: Barry, Bransfield, Brown, Corridon, Courtney, Dooin, Doolan, Douglas, Doyle, Duffy, Duggleby, Fraser, Gleason, Grant, Hallman, Hulswit, Jacklitsch, Jennings,
Kahoe, Keister, Knabe, Krueger, Magee, Mcquillan, McFetridge, Mitchell, Moren, Pittinger, Roth,
Sparks, Thomas, Wolverton, and Zimmer.
1955 W-605 Robert F. Gould #'s: 6 Simmons, 12 Burgess, 18 Hamner, and 22 Ashburn.
1955 W-605 Robert F. Gould Statues #'s: 6 Simmons, 12 Burgess, 18 Hamner.
1910 W-Unc “The Rivals" notebook cover cut (or whole notebook) of Magee.

1977 Wendy's Discs (MSA) #'s: 54 Schmidt
1980? Wendy’s Bumper Sticker #’s: Steve Carlton (others?-Don’t need Schmidt or Rose)

1888 WG-1 Baseball Playing Cards #'s: 1 Andrews, 4 Bastian, 11 Casey, 13 Clements, 22 Farrar,
24 Fogarty, 34 Irwin, and 45 Mulvey.
1889 WG-Unc. Williams Card Game #'s: 3 Buffington, 6 Fogarty, and 14 Irwin.
1904 WG-unc. Allegheny Card Co. #’s: Barry, Dooin, Doyle, Duggleby, Fraser, Gleason, Hulswitt, Keister,
Mitchell, Roth, Sparks, Suthoff, Thomas, Wolverton, and Philadelphia Ball Counter card.(one of
a kind, may be incomplete).
1902 WG-unc. Bicycle Playing cards #'s: Phillies cards, includes 4 on 1 cards and schedules.
1904 WG-3 Fan Craze #'s: 16 Duffy and 33 Nichols.
1913 WG-6 Tom Barker Game #'s: Alexander.
1913 WG-5 National Game #'s: Alexander.

1937 Wheaties BB14 #'s: 3 Camilli.
1951 Wheaties Test Issue #’s: Ashburn.

1888 E.R. Williams Card Game #'s: 3 Buffington/Caruthers, 6 Corkhill/Fogarty, and 14 Irwin/Williamson.

1950s-70s Wislon Advisory Staff Photos #’s: Ellsworth, Short, Taylor, Wine, Wise.

1983 Witchita Eagle Beacon "Bubblegum-less cards" #'s: Schmidt, Rose w/ hat, Rose without hat,
Denny, Carlton, Koosman, Samuel.(panels or single cards okay).

1933 Worch Cigar/Minneapolis Star #’s: Bartell, Klein, Todd.

X: Finished 9-01-95

1928 Yuengling's Ice Cream #'s: 44.

Z: Finished 7-30-02
Well that's it.... scary huh?-jml

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