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---- Retired OBC Members ----
Carlos Alcazar    (OBC Member since 1996-08-01)  e-mail 
Dan Austin    (OBC Member since 1999-11-01)  e-mail 
Geordie Calvert    (OBC Member since 1996-11-01)  e-mail 
Steve Carter    (OBC Member since 2015-11-08)  e-mail 
Glenn Codere    (OBC Member since 1997-07-01)  e-mail 
Al Cummings    (OBC Member since 1993-02-01)  e-mail 
Richard Dingman    (OBC Member since 2008-12-14)  e-mail 
Brett Domue    (OBC Member since 1996-11-01)  e-mail 
Alvin Edwards    (OBC Member since 2015-11-01)  e-mail 
John Harrell    (OBC Member since 1997-11-01)  e-mail 
Mark Macrae    (OBC Member since 1999-09-01)  e-mail 
Tom Massimo    (OBC Member since 2005-08-05)  e-mail 
Greg Miller    (OBC Member since 1999-11-01)  e-mail 
Lynn Miller    (OBC Member since 1994-08-01)  e-mail 
Kit Okamuro    (OBC Member since 2002-11-02)  e-mail 
Bob Saxton    (OBC Member since 1999-11-01)  e-mail 
David Skoglund    (OBC Member since 1997-11-01)  e-mail 
Brandon Wax    (OBC Member since 2014-01-18)  e-mail 
Marshall West    (OBC Member since 1996-11-01)  e-mail 
Terry Woods    (OBC Member since 1991-08-15)  e-mail 
---- Limited Members ----
Doug Smith    (OBC Member since 1994-01-01)  e-mail   wantlist   1948-72 Topps and Bowman, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Goudey Wide Pens, 1880's Trade Cards, Colgan Chips, Topps Scratch offs, 1939 Playball.
---- In Memory Of ----
Kevin Lohse
Rick Redpath   family e-mail  
John Ball III
David Kolenda
Bob "ZZ" Miller
Terry Dietrick
Ryan Distelrath
Chris Stufflestreet  blog page  
Kent Montgomery
Scott Earle
Rich Niessen
Matt Yudt
Chuck Paris

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