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Thank you for your interest in OBC! It is important to the vitality of our group that we attract and retain new members each year. We hope you'll consider joining us. Most members have found it to be a worthwhile and fun experience.

Any former member, who was in good standing at the time of resignation, may reapply for membership by clicking HERE.

If you want to pursue being a part of the group - here is what you should do:

(1) Please READ OUR FAQ and RULES OF CONDUCT. This should give you an idea of what the group is all about and how we operate. We are unique and different than other "trading" groups on the net - so it would be wise to read and understand who we are and see if you think you would like to be a part of us.

(2) NEXT - If you are interested - go to the DIRECTORY page and check out the collecting interests of our members. Look for some that you think you may have something in common with and start trying to communicate and trade with them. (Trading or "exchanging" is a way to find out something about the group and its members. OBC members do not "trade" cards per se.) We must caution you that not all of our members are active all the time - so do not get discouraged if you do not get replies to all of your e-mail inquiries. In order to join the group you will need a few "Sponsors" with over 2 years involvement in OBC. The only way to get those is to do some communicating and trading. We hope that you will find OBC members who are more than happy to have new members join the group and who will help answer any questions you may have.

(3) The application process requires three (3) sponsors, each with a minimum of two (2) years experience in OBC. Then, you should fill out the application form below. You MUST have sponsors before you can join so there is no point filling out an application until you follow through with some interaction with the group first.

(4) When you are ready to apply, fill out the following application as completely as possible so that we may consider your candidacy for OBC. Data is required in all fields. If there are any fields that do not apply to you, please enter "N/A".

If you have any specific questions we can help you with, please feel free to send a message to the OBC membership contact.

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(1) The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) explains the origins and intentions of the OBC. We are much more than an on-line trading group, we are a circle of friends drawn together by our common interest in old baseball cards. Please read the FAQ and explain how your trading philosophies reflect the intent of the FAQ.*

(2) What percentage of your hobby interest is in pre-1980 cards?  *

(3) The application process requires three sponsors with 2 or more years experience in OBC. Please select three different names here, and have them write an email to the advisory committee. (They'll be alerted that you've mentioned them.)

* * *

(4) OBC's primary purpose is to promote camaraderie and fellowship through the collecting of old baseball cards. How would your contribution to OBC reflect this ideology?*

(5) Generally in OBC we send cards to help others complete their sets regardless of condition or the latest price guide - or with the expectation of return fire i.e trading. More often than not we send cards to each other via Random Act Of Kindness RAOK. What goes around comes around. Explain how your card swapping habits would fit into this philosophy.*

(6) Most OBC members are not concerned with grading requirements and collect cards of all conditions. Please explain your grading requirements, and any price guides you may use in determining values.*

(7) OBC is a group for card collectors. Are you a card dealer, or do you sell cards over the internet? (answering yes does not exclude you from consideration from OBC)*

(8) How did you hear about OBC? *

(9) Thank you for your application. Please use this area for any additional comments you may have.


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