Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1997 Skybox Star Trek TOS 1
A1 William Shatner
A2 James Doohan
A3 Nichelle Nichols
A4 George Takei
A5 Grace Lee Whitney
A6 Robert Justman
A7 Barbara Anderson
A8 Anthony Call
A9 Robert Brown
A10 Paul Carr
A11 Kim Darby
A12 Gene Dynarski
A13 Clint Howard
A14 Bruce Hyde
A15 William Campbell
A16 Gary Lockwood
A17 Ricardo Montalban
A18 Stewart Moss
A19 Madlyn Rhue
A20 Malachi Throne
A21 Morgan Woodward
A22 Meg Wyllie
A23 Joan Collins
A24 Michael Pollard
A25 Majel Barrett
A26 Sherry Jackson

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