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1980 Topps You'll Die Laughing
1 Creature Feature A Topps Picture Card Series/Checklist
2 A Little Off The Top Please
3 Sheesh I Better Moin Weight Watchers
4 Well I'll Be A Mummy's Uncle
5 Hi I'm The New Baby Sitter
6 Come On In The Water's Fine
7 You Can't Boogie In Size 18 Shoes
8 But Judge I Was Only Doing 30
9 I Zapped The Zits But They Zapped Me Back
10 Okay Who Put The Starch In My Pants Again
11 Oh No Dishpan Hands
12 Nobody Move I Dropped A Contact Lens
13 Will You Please Turn Down That Disco Music
14 You Oughtta See The Other Guy
15 I Just Got A Face Lift With A Steam Shovel
16 Who Called Me A Big Drip
17 Clothes Make The Monster
18 Buddy Can You Spare A Dime
19 You Can't Make A Monkey Out Of Me
20 I Misplaced My Nail Polish Again
21 But Why Can't I Get Into Studio 54
22 They're Really Biting Today
23 I Feel Like A Fish Out Of Water
24 Do You Have A Pair Of Pants My Size
25 Allright Officer I'll Come Quietly
26 Good Heavens A Wart
27 I'll Look Better After My Nose-Job
28 My Face Feels Like I Slept In It
29 There's Something About You That I Like
30 This Is A Hairy Situation
31 I've Heard Of Hangovers But This Is Absurd
32 And For My Next Shadow Picture
33 What Do You Mean You Can See Right Through Me
34 No Job Is Too Big For Your Exterminator
35 Trick Or Treat
36 You Light Up My Life
37 This Terrible Haircut Just Ruins My Good Looks
38 I Ask You What Becomes A Legend Most
39 Who Stole My Rubber Duck
40 This Acne Is Getting Out Of Hand
41 Be My Ghoul Friend
42 Who Sold Me That Hair Restorer
43 Which Way To The Pajama Party
44 I Told Those Kids To Clean Out The Pool
45 Max Really Lost His Head This Time
46 How Do You Like My New Charm Bracelet
47 Who Fooled Around With My New Butane Lighter
48 I Tell You Rover It's A Dog-Eat-Dog World
49 Like My New Nail Polish
50 You Should Have Seen The One That Got Away
51 Wait'll I Get My Hands On That Travel Agent
52 I Tell You That Nuclear Plant Is Safe
53 Spray Starch I Thought It Was Underarm Deodorant
54 Fly The Friendly Skies
55 But I Gave At The Office
56 Those Darn Weight-Reducing Pills
57 Gosh I'll Never Find That Fuse Box
58 Who Took My Deodorant
59 What Do You Mean My Mother Has A Moustache
60 My Girdle Is Killing Me
61 I Love To Play In The Sandbox
62 Yoo Hoo Ice Cream Man
63 Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
64 Who Threw That Mudball
65 Hi It's The Tidy Bowl Man
66 I Wonder If She Noticed My Dandruff
67 Will Somebody Tell Me A Scary Story
68 Hey Baby Lets Boogie
69 I'm Available For Blind Dates
70 He Accused Us Of Police Brutality Get Him
71 Will This Cure My Hiccups
72 Man That's Coffee
73 Must Have Been Someone I Ate
74 Just Where Does Your Tummy Hurt Junior
75 I Want My Mummy
76 I'm The Head Of My Family
77 Oh Sole Mio
78 I'll Get The Drinks Type A Or Type O
79 I've Got My Eye On You
80 Is This The Right Way To Pick Up A Girl
81 Look Ma No Cavities
82 I Gotta Lay Off Those Sweets
83 Well There Goes The Neighborhood
84 Can You Spare A Dime For A Bite
85 I'm A Brain
86 Who Says I'm Too Young To Shave
87 They Sure Have Ugly Girls In This Town
88 Kid You Weigh A Ton

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