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1978 Wonder Bread Battlestar Galactica
1 A Gambler And Darevil
2 Boxey Smiles Approvingly At Muffit
3 Snowrams Are A Necessity For Traveling
4 Space Cadet Cree Was Captured Alive
5 Cylon Warships Look Like Bats In The Night
6 Known As Boom Boom To His Friends
7 Athena Was An Ensign On The Battlestar Galactica
8 During A Red Alert, The Control Room Took On An Eerie
9 Scientist Winkler Can Fix The Most Complex Wiring Systems
10 B.R. Ser 5-9 Leads His Fellow Clones In Their Revolt
11 Starbuck Thought The Android Sisters Would Make A Fortune
12 Croft Had Been In Prison, But He Heroically Lead The Assault
13 Of The Five Battlestar, Only The Galactica Survived
14 Ravashol Was The One Human Tolerated By The Cylons
15 Nadil Was Interested In Starbuck's Offer
16 Since The Croupier At Carillon's Gambling Casino
17 Surviving Humans Came In All Sorts Of Space Ships
18 Commander Adama And Colonel Tight Have Served Together
19 No One Knows What Was Behind The Metallic Mask Of The Cylon
20 The Jondrew Loved The Gambling On Carillon
21 Capricans Hopelessly Try To Evade The Blasts
22 Starbuck Shows Boomer His Perfect Pyramid
23 The Imperious Leader Was The Only Cylon With A Third Brain
24 Lotay, Queen Of The Ovions, Ruled A World
25 Although Badly Beaten By The Cylon's Devious Treachery
26 Seetol Uses Her Many Hands To Play Soothing Music
27 Humans Were Not The Only Visitors To Carillon
28 Unfortunately, Not Everyone Was Brave
29 Serina And Her Son Boxey Came To Depend On Apollo
30 The Cylons Trained Hard In Their Deadly Arts
31 From His Control Room, The Imperious Leader Orders Squadrons
32 Pledging Themselves To Serve Their People
33 Apollo And Starbuck, An Unbeatable Team
34 A Colonial Viper Ship Was The Sleekest
35 Muffit Tried Hard, But Learning All Those Tricks Was Not An Easy
36 Zac And Apollo Were The First To See The Cylons Treachery

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