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1978 Topps Superman the Movie
1 Christopher Reeve As The Man Of Steel
2 Christopher Reeve As Clark Kent
3 Margot Kidder As Lois Lane
4 Zooming Across The Sky
5 Valerie Perrine As Eve
6 Ned Beatty As Otis
7 Jackie Cooper As Perry White
8 Editor And Staff Of The Daily Planet
9 Susannah York As Lara
10 Marc McClure As Jimmy Olsen
11 Glenn Ford As Jonathan Kent
12 The Majestic Planet Krypton
13 Incredible Laboratory Of Jor-El
14 Lois Lane In A Jam
15 A Study In Villainy
16 Arch Criminals On Trial
17 Briefing Military Police Of Krypton
18 A World Torn Asunder
19 The Spaceship Blasts Off
20 Protector Of The Peace
21 The Might Of Superman
22 A Final Farewell From Lara
23 The Death Throes Of Planet Krypton
24 Clark Kent Ace Reporter
25 Destruction Of A World In Space
26 Aerial Adventure
27 Escape From Destruction
28 Journey Across The Gulf Of Space
29 Superbaby Arrives On Earth
30 Observing Landing Of A Spaceship
31 Adopting A Space Child
32 Young Clark Kent Jeff East And His Foster Dad
33 The Passing Of Jonathan Kent
34 The Youthful Lois Lane And Her Parents
35 Superman Makes The Headlines
36 Paying A Call On Lois Lane
37 Night Flight
38 Flight Over Metropolis
39 Perils Of The Big City
40 The Man Of Steel In Flight
41 Panic In The Sky
42 Amazing Strength Of The Star Child
43 Sole Survivor Of Krypton
44 Preparing To Leap Skyward
45 Facing Incredible Odds
46 Trial By Fire
47 On The Trail Of Lex Luthor
48 The Icy Peril
49 Ready For Action
50 Heroic Stranger From The Stars
51 The Amazing Man Of Steel
52 Interview With Superman
53 The Incredible Scoop Of Lois Lane
54 Superman Leaps Into Action
55 Superman To The Rescue
56 A Daring Rescue
57 Lois Lane Thanks Superman
58 Rescued By The Man Of Steel
59 Superman Christopher Reeve
60 Confronting The Arch-Criminal Lex Luthor
61 Portrait Of A Hero
62 Protector Of Truth And Justice
63 All-American Hero
64 First Appearance In The Comics 1938
65 Soaring Above The City
66 Landing Of The Spaceship
67 Nefarious Plan Of Lex Luthor
68 The Scheme To Destroy Superman
69 Marlon Brando As Jor-El
70 Jor-El And Lara Their Final Moments
71 The Projection Of Jor-El
72 Doomsday On Krypton
73 Life-Saving Spaceship Of Jor-El
74 The Infant Son Of Jor-El
75 Lex Luthor And Eve Companions In Villainy
76 Gene Hackman As Lex Luthor
77 Conversing With The Elders
78 Rushing To The Rescue
79 Phyllis Thaxter Plays Martha Kent
80 Sunset In Smallville
81 Fabulous Lair Of Lex Luthor
82 The Villains Discuss Their Plan
83 Christopher Reeve Plays Superman
84 A Razzled Lois Lane
85 Inside The Fortress Of Solitude
86 A Low Moment For Clark Kent
87 Ace Bumbler Otis
88 The Dynamic Duo Of Villainy
89 Lovely Lois Lane Margot Kidder
90 Clinging To Life
91 Clark Kent As A Young Man Jeff East
92 The Family Of Jor El On Krypton
93 Superman In A Pensive Mood
94 Sarah Douglas Plays Ursa
95 Eves Part In The Lex Luthor Plan
96 Clark Kent Of The Daily Planet
97 Director Richard Donner
98 Christopher Reeve Plays Clark Kent
99 Accident On The Road
100 Ned Beatty Plays Otis
101 Saved By The Man Of Steel
102 Marc McClure Plays Jimmy Olsen
103 Face Of Anger
104 Farewell To Smallville
105 Glenn For Plays Jonathan Kent
106 And Who Disguised As Clark Kent
107 Superman Visits The Fortress Of Solitude
108 Maria Schell Plays Vond Ah
109 Incredible Display Of Strength
110 Jack Ohalloran Plays Non
111 Spotting The Man Of Steel
112 Destruction Of The Dam
113 The Chamber Of The Council Of Elders
114 Fleeing The Destruction Of Krypton
115 Superman In Metropolis
116 The One And Only Lois Lane
117 Johathan Kent In Smallville
118 Repairing The Twisted Train Rails
119 Terence Stamp Plays General Zod
120 Mysterious Hunt For Lex Luthor
121 The Worlds Most Diaabolical Villain
122 Lex Luthor Wants You
123 Time For A Quick Change
124 200 Feet Below Grand Central Station
125 Cub Reporter Jimmy Olsen
126 Flight Around Metropolis
127 Condemned To The Phantom Zone
128 Eve Teschmacher Dizzy Devious And Delightful
129 Our Hero In Civilian Clothes
130 Clark Kent Transforms Into Superman
131 Jor El In The Trial Chamber
132 Jackie Cooper Plays Perry White
133 The Incredible Scheme Begins
134 Eve And Her Mentor Lex Luthor
135 John Barry Mastor Of Illusion
136 Amazinng Hearing Powers Of Superman
137 Ursa Villainess Supreme
138 Might Of The Man Of Steel
139 Valerie Perrine Plays Eve
140 Lovers From Different Worlds
141 Suzannah York Plays Lara
142 Gene Hackman Plays Lex Luthor
143 Vond Ah And Jor El
144 Valerie Perrine Featured As Eve
145 The Farm Of Jonathan Kent In Smallville
146 The Stupendous Man Of Steel
147 Young Clark Kent And The Mysterious Crystal
148 Superman Spots A Crime
149 Can This Be The End Of Lois Lane
150 Night Heist
151 Flying Over The Dam
152 The Movie Set For Krypton
153 A Cowardly Blow From Behind
154 Mission For A Bumbler
155 Visitor From Another Planet
156 Lex Luthor Madman Or Brilliant Scientist
157 Deceiving His Military Foes
158 Soaring To New Heights
159 Copter Atop The Daily Planet
160 Death Of An Exotic World
161 How Did You Know The Exact Contents Of My Purse
162 Threatened By A Mugger
163 On His Way To The Lair Of Lex Luthor
164 The Objective Of Lex Luthor
165 Saving A Power Plant

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