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1973 Topps Wacky Packages Series 2 - Master
8-Lives Tuna Bones - Ludlow Back
8-Lives Tuna Bones - Tan Back
8-Lives Tuna Bones - White Back
Ajerx - Ludlow Back
Ajerx - Tan Back
Ajerx - White Back
All-Brain Cereal - Ludlow Back
All-Brain Cereal - Tan Back
All-Brain Cereal - White Back
Awful Bits - Ludlow Back
Awful Bits - Tan Back
Awful Bits - White Back
Blecch Shampoo - Ludlow Back
Blecch Shampoo - Tan Back
Blecch Shampoo - White Back
Blunder Bread - Ludlow Back
Blunder Bread - Tan Back
Blunder Bread - White Back
Boo-Hoo Drink - Ludlow Back
Boo-Hoo Drink - Tan Back
Boo-Hoo Drink - White Back
Botch Tape - Ludlow Back
Botch Tape - Tan Back
Botch Tape - White Back
Brittle Soap Pads - Ludlow Back
Brittle Soap Pads - Tan Back
Brittle Soap Pads - White Back
Cap'n Crud - Ludlow Back
Cap'n Crud - Tan Back
Cap'n Crud - White Back
Chicken Fat - Ludlow Back
Chicken Fat - Tan Back
Chicken Fat - White Back
Commie Cleanser - Ludlow Back
Commie Cleanser - Tan Back
Commie Cleanser - White Back
Ditch Masters - Ludlow Back
Ditch Masters - Tan Back
Ditch Masters - White Back
Dull Pineapple - Ludlow Back
Dull Pineapple - Tan Back
Dull Pineapple - White Back
Exceedrin - Ludlow Back
Exceedrin - Tan Back
Exceedrin - White Back
Fish Bone Dressing - Ludlow Back
Fish Bone Dressing - Tan Back
Fish Bone Dressing - White Back
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Bottom Left
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Bottom Middle
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Bottom Right
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Center Left
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Center Middle
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Center Right
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Top Left
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Top Middle
Gadzooka Gum Puzzle/Top Right
Gloom - Ludlow Back
Gloom - Tan Back
Gloom - White Back
Gurgle Baby Food - Ludlow Back
Gurgle Baby Food - Tan Back
Gurgle Baby Food - White Back
Gyppy Pop Corn - Ludlow Back
Gyppy Pop Corn - Tan Back
Gyppy Pop Corn - White Back
Hurts Tomatoes - Ludlow Back
Hurts Tomatoes - Tan Back
Hurts Tomatoes - White Back
Kook Cigarettes - Ludlow Back
Kook Cigarettes - Tan Back
Kook Cigarettes - White Back
Log Cave-In Syrup - Ludlow Back
Log Cave-In Syrup - Tan Back
Log Cave-In Syrup - White Back
Minute Mud - Ludlow Back
Minute Mud - Tan Back
Minute Mud - White Back
Nertz - Ludlow Back
Nertz - Tan Back
Nertz - White Back
Plastered Peanuts - Ludlow Back
Plastered Peanuts - Tan Back
Plastered Peanuts - White Back
Poopsie - Ludlow Back
Poopsie - Tan Back
Poopsie - White Back
Putrid Cat Chow - Ludlow Back
Putrid Cat Show - Tan Back
Putrid Cat Show - White Back
Run Tony Shells - Ludlow Back
Run Tony Shells - Tan Back
Run Tony Shells - White Back
Sailem - Ludlow Back
Sailem - Tan Back
Sailem - White Back
Schtick Blades - Ludlow Back
Schtick Blades - Tan Back
Schtick Blades - White Back
Sugarmess Bubble Gum - Ludlow Back
Sugarmess Bubble Gum - Tan Back
Sugarmess Bubble Gum - White Back
Ultra Bright - Ludlow Back
Ultra Bright - Tan Back
Ultra Bright - White Back
Vile Soap - Ludlow Back
Vile Soap - Tan Back
Vile Soap - White Back

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