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1969 Topps Man on the Moon
1A Apollo 10 Emblem
2A Apollo/Nasa Insignia
3A Happy Landing
4A Space Photography
5A Astronaut Lovell
6A Lunar Test Run
7A Apollo 8 Success
8A Re-Entry
9A Homeward Bound
10A All Hands On Deck
11A Armstrongs Moon Shoes
12A Command Pilot
13A Rehearsal
14A Preparation For Flight
15A Apollo 8 Insignia
16A Dress Rehearsal
17A Spacebound
18A Tiros 1
19A Launching Pad
20A Earthbound
21A The Apollo Camera
22A Lunar Study
23A Earthlight
24A Training Program
25A Blast-Off
26A Zero Gravity
27A Preparation For Flight
28A Bound For Glory
29A Capsule Exit
30A Moon Surface
31A Testing A Lunar Module
32A Walk In Space
33A Apollo 10
34A Dark Of The Moon
35A Launch Control Center
36B Welcome Home
37B Spider
38B First Manned Mission
39B The Saturn V
40B Official Ceremony
41B There She Goes
42B The Apollo Orbit
43B Helicopter Recovery
44B Briefing Session
45B Lift Off
46B Monitor Countdown
47B Lunar Base
48B Space Food
49B Splashdown
50B Change Course
51B Hi There
52B Astronaut Aldrin
53B Moon Pilot
54B Moon Commander
55B First Men On The Moon

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