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1966 Topps Frankenstein Stickers
1 Be My Ghoul Friend
2 Take Me Back
3 Ill Keep An Eye Out For You
4 Dont Make A Monkey Out Of Me
5 I Love Your Silky Skin
6 Lets Swing Together
7 You Send Me To The Moon
8 Without You Its Curtains
9 Wed Make A Splash Together
10 I Vant You
11 Youre Just What The Doctor Ordered
12 Mad About You
13 I Admire Your Brains
14 Youre A Real Prince
15 Ive Got My Eye On You
16 Youve Changed Me
17 Ill Love You Forever
18 Youre The Strong Silent Type
19 Dont Hyde From Me
20 You Set My Heart A Flame
21 You Look Like Cleopatra
22 Im Sinking Without You
23 I Love You In Vein
24 Ive Flipped Over You
25 You Remind Me Of My Mummy
26 YouÆve Tied Me Down
27 Gve Me A Bite Love
28 I Love Your Toothy Smile
29 Im All Wrapped Up In You
30 You Make My Heart Sing
31 Pucker Up
32 I Wanna Hold Your Claw
33 You Bring Out The Beast In Me
34 Hug Me
35 Im No Wolf
36 Youre My Type
37 Lets Be Friends
38 Let Stroll In The Moonlight
39 Dont Keep Me In The Dark
40 Hello Old Pal
41 I Dig You
42 Im Stuck On You
43 String Along With Me
44 Oh Well Looks Arent Everything

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