Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1966 A and BC Batman Series B
1B The Joker's Icy Jest
2B The Penguin Prevails
3B Hydro-Foil Hotspot
4B Branded Boy Wonder
5B Caged By The Catwomen
6B Canape For A Cobra
7B The Grim Gladiator
8B Snaring The Sheik
9B Bashed On A Billboard
10B Amphibious Attackers
11B To Robin's Rescue
12B Renegade Roulette
13B Batman's Coffin
14B Neanderthal Nemesis
15B Joker Wishes Robin Well
16B Penned By The Penguin
17B Prehistoric Peril
18B The Penguin's Prey
19B Cornered On A Cliff
20B Distorted Dynamic Duo
21B Toll Of Torture
22B Routing The Riddler
23B The Joker's Juggernaut
24B Fangs Of The Phantom
25B Dragged From Death's Door
26B Jack Frost's Jinx
27B Pasting The Painter
28B Concrete Conquest
29B A Wretched Riddle
30B Jostled By The Joker
31B Batman Bucks Badman
32B Frozen By Frost
33B Gassed By A Geranium
34B A Fatal Joust
35B Holy Rodents
36B A Pressing Position
37B Riddler On The Roof
38B Beware The Bat-A-Rang
39B Caught In A Cavern
40B Batman Bails Out!
41B Aquatic Attack!
42B Inhospitable Hatter!
43B The Perilous Penny
44B Riddler Robs A Rainbow

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