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1965 Topps Monster Greetings
1 I Need You/Like A Hole In The Head
2 Stay Just Like You Are/Spooky
3 You Have Beautiful Hair/Whose Is It
4 I Love Your Beautiful Eyes/All Four Of Them
5 You Have A Peach Of A Complexion/Hairy
6 There'll Never Be Another You/Thank Goodness
7 You're The Caveman Type/Hairy And Ugly
8 Take Me In Your Arms/All Four Of Them
9 If We Combined My Brains And Your Looks/We'd Make A Stupid Monster
10 When I Grow Up I'll Be Like You/Old And Ugly
11 I Love You When You Smile/I Love Fangs
12 I Keep Your Picture In My Room/To Scare Off Ghosts
13 I Think Of You As An Old Friend/Very Old
14 I Dig You/But I Dug Too Far
15 You've Always Said Two Heads Are Better Than One/And You Ought To Know
16 You Have The Skin I Love To Touch/And Clutch
17 If I Were You/I'd Do Something About It
18 I Like Tall Slim Fellows/But You're Too Much
19 I Love You Because You're Different/Ugh So Different
20 I'd Like To Go Out With You/When They Clean Your Cage
21 I Was At A Monster Bazaar/ And I Won You
22 You May Not Be Handsome Or Brilliant/But Nobody's Perfect
23 You Deserve A Big Hand/Right Across Your Face
24 You'd Be A Lot Of Fun/If You Were Alive
25 I Like You/But I Have Strange Tastes
26 I'd Like To Gaze Into Your Eyes/If I Could Find The Other One
27 I'd Like To Give You A Big Squeeze/Woman's Head In Vise
28 I've Got You Where I Want You/In The Palm Of My Hand
29 You're A Great Kid/Strange But Great
30 When I'm Next To You/Even I Look Good
31 You Do A Great Twist/At Least Your Nose Does
32 Come Over To My House/I'd Love To Have You For Dinner
33 You Look Like A Million Dollars/All Green And Wrinkled
34 When I Look At You I Can Only Do One Thing/Run
35 Isn't It Great To Be Alive/But How Would You Know
36 I Admire Your Brains/Whose Are They
37 You Really Use Your Head/Who Else Would Want To
38 There's Only One Thing I'd Rahter Do Than Go Out With You/Kill Myself
39 Let's Go Out Saturday Night/We'll Use Your Broom
40 I'm Ape Over You/Real Ape
41 You're Out Of This World/Stay There
42 I'd Love To Visit You/What's Your Crypt Number
43 You Have A Great Heart/Too Bad There's A Stake In It
44 You Do Something To Me/You Make Me Sick
45 When I'm With You/I Lose My Head
46 When I'm With You I Don't Know If I'm Coming Or Going/No Wonder
47 Congratulations You Only Have One Cavity/In Your Head
48 Let's Go Out Saturday Night/I'll Bring The Leash
49 If You Work Your Fingers To The Bone What Do You Get/Bony Fingers
50 You're Just What The Doctor Ordered/Shock Treatment

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