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1965 Fleer McHales Navy
1 The Heroic Commmander McHale
2 The Fearless Leader Captain Binghampton
3 Poor Chuck Did Binghampton Make You Swim Back Again
4 Skip I Think My Head Shrank
5 On You It Looks Better This Way Sir
6 Control Yourself Tiger Er I Mean Sir
7 Sir You Shouldn't Say Those Nasty Things The Shock Will Stunt Parker's Mental Growth
8 Don't Cry Chuck Binghampton Won't Keep Your Yo-Yo For Long Just Don't Hit Him In The Eye Again
9 No It's Not A Rat Knucklehead I Said I Smell A Rat-Mchale
10 McHale I'm Afraid Your New Laundry Won't Last
11 Don't Confuse Me With The Facts This Is McHales Fault
12 Boy I Can't Get A Drop Out Of This Crazy Straw
13 Down For The Third Time McHale Hopes
14 How Am I Doin' Skip I Can't See My Eyes Are Closed
15 Skip Is It True The Navy Issues Bathing Suits To The Guys At The North Pole
16 Anyone Want A Taxi
17 This'll Put Out That Fire In Your Eyes Sir
18 McHale What Happened Everything's Gone Blank
19 Chuck I Know It's Hard But You've Got To Start Thinking
20 Here's Your Jeep Sir
21 Parker You Knucklehead I Want To Talk To You
22 It's Nice You Learned To Salute But I Said At Ease Ten Minutes Ago
23 This Combat Zone Duty Is Really Rough
24 All Right Captain Stop Gasping I'll Throw You Back
25 Well I Can Always Try Filet Of Sole
26 Chuck Are You Sure This Little Red Riding Hood Movie Is For Us
27 I Taught Him To Salute Myself Sir
28 Yeh Skip But Before We Go Tell Me Again Which Is Port And Which Is Starboard
29 If He Wasn't Getting Chewed Out Chuck Would Know Something Was Wrong
30 Don't Worry Skip I've Got My Secret Weapon Here
31 Some After Shave Lotion Skip
32 Now Watch You Don't Scratch Up Your Carbine Skip
33 After You Give This To Binghampton Run
34 Stop Saying You'll Desert To The Enemy Ensign Parker Is Still In Charge Of This Mission
35 Gruber Try Crying Like Ensign Parker Does
36 Hey Guys Look At These Pictures
37 How About Some Suki Yaki A La Porker
38 It's No Use McHale I've Tried The Infantry Won't Have You Either
39 McHale's Sidekick And Sombody's Always Kicking Him In The Side
40 Skip Are You Sure He's The Family Doctor
41 I've Never Seen You Look Better Captain
42 I Want To Win The Best Dressed Award
43 Help I Want My Mommy
44 Hey Skip Can I Have A Bullet For My Gun Now
45 At Least I'm Not Wet Behind The Ears
46 This Navy Life Is The Greatest
47 If We Don't Get All Four We're Really Going To Declare War On Binghampton
48 Don't Worry Chuck Flying Is Fun And Your Arms Don't Get Tired
49 Don't Cry Chuck It Opens Up Just Like A Big Umbrella
50 You Don't Really Mean Up Thataway
51 Remember If I Think I'm Going To Crash One If By Land Two If By Sea
52 Anything That Covers Up Part Of That Face Is An Improvement
53 Parlez-Vous Francais
54 Boy You're The Cutest Girl I've Seen On This Island Man
55 Aw Skip Why Is It Always Me If The Captain Sees Through This Disguise I'll Get French Fried
56 Just Call Me Handsome Harry
57 Do I Have To Say I Do Sir
58 Get Me To The Church On Time
59 Oh H-O-W I Wish I Was In The Land Of Cotton
60 On Guard Yankee-San
61 Me Parker-Suki Japanese Houseboy
62 You're Standing On My Skirt
63 Have Kimono Will Travel
64 Cheerio Old Chap
65 I'm Not A Beatnik Tell Him McHale
66 I Don't Care If You Are A Smith Brother Stop Coughing

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