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1959 Fleer Three Stooges - Master
1 Curly
2 Moe
3 Larry
4 You'll Sleep In The Room In The Basement
5 They Went Thatta-Way!
6 Hey Moe, Don't You Think There's Room For
7 Uh!uh! I've Got Eyes In The Back Of My
8 I Told You Wise Guys You'd Never
9 You Lied! You Told Me He Couldn't Punch
10 Come On, Give Back That Baseball! We Know
11 There's 4 Needles In My Pants And You
12 Hold Still - I'm A Tailor
13 C'mon Curly - The Horse Is The One In
14 I Tell You - Humans Have 13 Ribs - You've
15 Don't Worry - You Can Breath Through
16 You Can't Keep... Checklist
16 You Can't Keep Your Money In Your Shoes
17 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
18 One More Rehearsal And I Think We'll
19 Hey Fellows, I Think I've Got A Bite
20 How Do You Like This For A Fancy Finish.
21 Peek-A-Boo!
22 What Do You Think I Am, A Pair Of Pants
23 Not Even George Washington Would
24 Look Out Below.
25 Next Time We'll Take The Elevator
26 The Tree Stooges
27 Somehow I Have The Feeling We're Not Wanted
28 What Happened To Our Reservations!
29 Your Nose Is Too Big And Your Brain Is
30 This One's In The Bag.
31 Bargain Hunters
32 Cleaning Up The West.
33 Let Me Know When My Number Comes Up.
34 Birds Of A Feather.
35 Who's That Good-Looking Guy Behind Us?
36 Get Your Nose Out Of My Business!
37 I Told You To Turn Off The Fan!
38 Contact!
39 If You Don't Stop My Name Will Be
40 I Never Miss-Except With The First Shot.
41 About Face !
42 A Hair Raising Experience.
43 No Down Payment.
44 No Use. That Hat Won't Fit!
45 Dig That Crazy Chicken!
46 Singing In The Shower.
47 Just Thought I'd Drop By
48 Larry Plays By Ear!
49 Always On The Go.
50 Rome Wasn't Burned In A Day
51 Be Careful, This Is My Only Suit
52 It Must Have Been Something I Ate!
53 That's An Order - A Quart Of Milk And 3
54 I Could Have Sworn I Just Shaved Him
55 When You Hear The Tone, The Time Will Be
56 Just A Little Off The Top.
57 That Oughta Hold Him!
58 Curly Always Did Want To Be In Pictures!
59 Did You Have To Sneeze?
60 Betcha 8 To 5 You Miss Me Again.
61 We Never Took A Lesson In Our Lives!
62 Congratulaions Curly, You've Just
63 Curly, The First... Checklist
63 Curly, The First Thing A Fighter Must
64 You Won't Fool... Checklist
64 You Won't Fool Anybody With That
65 Dinner Music.
66 He Has 40 Teeth And 4 Cavities!
67 Curly, I Tell You It Is Not A Dog!
68 Quick-Call The S.P.C.A.!
69 What Are You Planting-Roses Or Noses?
70 C'mon You Guys, Quit Horsin' Around
71 Getting Even With Moe.
72 Give Me Back My Hula Hoop.
73 Bang!
74 Just Don't Break Anything!
75 Take Me To Your Leader!
76 Now You Know Where We Got All That Corn!
77 Where Has That Doggone Dog Gone?
78 Good Health Means Good Fun.
79 I Hate To Say This, But Somebody's Flat
80 You Say It Was Right Here That You
81 He Must Be Around Here Somewhere.
82 This Looks Like A Bad Case Of
83 Is There A Doctor In The House!
84 Strong Backs- Weak Minds.
85 Give Me A Hand, I Can't Carry It All
86 Round And Round She Goes.
87 Nobody Leave The Room!
88 At Least, Throw Us A Bone!
89 Why Are Fire Engines Red?
90 What's Wrong - No More Chairs In The Room?
91 That's Using Your Head, Curly!
92 He's Got A Good Head On Him-For Fishing!
93 We Didn't Do Anything And We'll
94 I Tell You Your Nose Is Too Long!
95 Sorry, This Line Is Busy!
96 Trying The Squeeze Play.

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