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1936 M. Pressner Government Agents Vs. Public Enemies (R61)
A201 Blazing Guns
A202 Trapped
A203 Convicts Reward
A204 A Wise Guy
A205 A Fight To The Finish
A206 A Desperate Fight And Capture
A207 Face To Face With Death
A208 The Slave Murders
A209 Shoot To Kill
A210 Two Hour Capture
A211 Trailing The Criminal
A212 Hands Up All Of You
A213 The Clue That Led To Capture
A214 Capture Without Guns
A215 Chase With Death
A216 Guns Of Vengeance
A217 Signature Of Death
A218 The Christmas Day Capture
A219 Straight To The Wanted Man
A220 The Indian Murders
A221 The Wounded Gangster
A222 A Mad Killer Surrenders
A223 Traveling Wth Death
A224 The Fighting Family

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