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1936 G-Men and Heroes of the Law
1 G-Men Riddle The Killer
2 G-Men Whip Out Leaders
3 Capturing A Killer & His Gang
4 A Gamble With Death!
5 A Midnight Graveyard Battle!
6 A Shot From The Hip
7 A Trooper's Race With Death!
8 A Trooper's Fight With Flame!
9 Daring Bandits Get Their Just Desserts!
10 G-Men Track Down Notorious Public Enemy!
11 G-Men Track Wily Fugitives
12 A Treacherous Shot Dark! Corp. Maynard
13 A Duel To The Death!
14 Foiling Four Wanted Killers
15 A Mountain Cabin Gun Fight!
16 A Murderous Madman's Battle!
17 Sure Death Defied!
18 Shooting It Out With A Desperate Fugitive!
19 Two G-Men Meet A Heroic Death!
20 G-Men Run Down A Daring Kidnapper
21 A Desperate Running Fight!
22 A Trooper's Sacrifice To Duty!
23 Blasting Out A Gang Of Killers!
24 A Knife Thrust In The Dark!
25 A Campfire's Ghastly Ashes
26 Trapping A Humanvulture
28 G-Men Deliver Death
29 A Death Duel Withescaping Convicts
32 Unrelenting Justice
33 A Murder On An Arizona Trail.
36 The Filling Stationmassacre
38 Grapple With Bloody Death
39 Kidnapped Courage
40 Unearthing A Deadly Arsenal
42 Murder From Ambush
44 Trapping The Jewel Conspirators
45 Stan's Disciple
46 Luggage Packed With Death
47 The Death Of Dutch Anderson
49 Far Flung Fingers Of The Law
50 The Trail Of Themystery Bonds
51 Chinese Death
53 Blasting Crime Fromthe Canadian Rockies
55 Talking Blood That Told Amadman's Secret
56 Following The Blood Tracks Of The Lucky
57 Mining For Murder
58 Disguises Of The Law!
59 A G-Man Flirts With Secret Death
60 The Gold Train Murder!
62 Ending The Rule Of A Man Killing Mob
63 The Chinese Symbolof Death
64 The Killers In Tunnel 13
65 A City Lived In Terror Until
66 G-Men Clear Up Afamous Snatch Case
67 Murder In Unaka Mountains
69 A Dying Hero'swinning Fight!
72 Justice Within The Arctic Circle
74 A Death Defying Pursuit
75 The Phantom Banditsof Pacific Coast
76 The Trail Of The Secret Symbols
77 Capturing The Stinger Of The Underworld
79 Caging A Blondtigress!
80 The Clue That Couldn't Be Drowned
81 Rubbing Out Thesunday Gang
82 Sleeping Evidenceawakes!
83 A Bullet-Collected Debt Debt
84 Checkmating A Desperate Bank Robb. Gang
86 A Murdered Trooperis Avenged
87 G-Men Mop Up The Karpis Gang
88 Target Of Death
89 The Flight Of The Black Duck
91 Grilling A Lying Gunman
92 Murder Committed Byvictim's Hands
93 A Telltale Bullet Lands An Unsuspected
94 G-Men Strike In Thedark
96 The End Of A Killer's Trail
97 G-Men Completetheir Record Catch
98 Vengeance Follows Agang
100 The Dragnet Snares Its Prey
101 The Capture Of The Crank
103 G-Men Answer Publicenemy Number-1
104 The Fingerprint's Confession
106 Murder Without Motive
107 Trapping A Cop Killer
109 Fog Phantom's Thatcould Not Elude The Law
111 Justice Patrols Thearizona Border
112 The Mad Killer's Frozen Trail
114 Swift Pursuit!
115 Binding The Beast
117 Torn Dollars
119 Machine Guns Foil Aget-Away At Alcatraz
120 Death Rides The Waves
121 G-Men Blot Out A Crime Career
123 Radio Eavesdrops Oncrime!
125 Capturing The Killers Of/Hatchet-Gang
126 The Ape Man Burglar
127 The Gallows Prey
128 The Terror Of The Mails!
129 Eyes That Betrayeda Human Spider
131 Smuggling On The Rio Grande
132 The Crime Teacher
135 A Murder Leaves Itsroadmap
136 A Bullet Finds & Frees
137 The Crime In The Mirror
139 A Killer's Last Stand!
142 A Mountain Moonshine Murder
147 Duty Defies Death
149 A Desperate Crimeat Sea
151 Death Among The Gravestones
155 A Rancher's Camera Eye
156 The Mask Of Death
158 Crime Telegraphs Its Loot
162 Heroism On The Highseas
166 Death Blast In The Mountains
169 Death Rewards An Extortionist
177 A Boat Betrays Its Killer Crew
181 Death Ends A Crimson Trail
185 G-Men Discover Adead
191 Death In A Poison Cup
196 Gun Butts & Bullets
201 Crime's Crimson Target
203 A G-Man Finds A Murderer's Mark
206 Blood On The Moon
208 Knife Thrust In The Dark
210 Tracking A Livingdead Man
212 Death Defies The Sky
214 G-Men Play
219 Bloodstained Desert Gold
227 The Law-Hater
233 Machine Gun Vengeance
239 Decoy Of Death
242 In The Grip Ofthe Jinx
248 The Little Giant Ofthe Law
253 Snake Of The Underworld
257 Death Streaks
262 A Murder Blast Defied
266 The Stroke Of Fate
269 A Red Trail's Blazing End
271 Grip Of Steel
275 Capture In The Forest Shadows
277 The Clue Of Thechiming Clock
279 The Fire Ring
281 Smuggled Cargo
283 G-Men Ride The Air Lanes
307 G-Men And The Phantom
311 The Tri-State
319 Pursuit In The Wild
326 Doom Of The Mad Marksman
335 Hail Of Death
343 Swampland Vengeance
349 Crushing The Crybaby Bandits
355 The Cry In The Night
362 Death Dealt At Dawn
371 G-Men And The Electric Eye
381 The Crimson Thread
389 Payment In Blood And Fire
397 Midnight Sharpshooter
401 The Deadly Draw
405 Courage Backed Tothe Wall
411 Capture At The Cattle Ford
415 River Pirate Loot
419 Silencing Gangland's Guns
424 The Death Call
427 Race In The Littlered Car
431 Moonlight Man Hunt
437 Loop Of The Law
445 The Whispered Clue
451 The Voice From Theether Cone

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