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1910 Historical Events (T70)
1 Admiral Farragut At New Orleans
2 Battle Of San Juan Hill
3 Boston Tea Party
4 Custer's Last Rally
5 Dewey At Battle Of Manila
6 Ethan Allen Capturing Fort Ticonderoga
7 Fight Between Monitor And Merrimac
8 First Shot At Lexington
9 Inauguration Of Lincoln
10 Inauguration Of Washington
11 The Landing Of The Pilgrims
12 Liberty Pole Festival
13 Perry On Lake Erie
14 Placing Statue Of Liberty In N.Y. Harbour
15 Pulling Down King George Statue
16 Reading The Declaration Of Independence
17 The Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence
18 Sinking Of Maine In Havana Harbor
19 Sinking Of The Merrimac
20 Surrender Of Cornwallis
21 Surrender Of General Lee
22 Trial Of Fulton's First Steamboat
23 Washington At Valley Forge
24 Washington Bidding Farewell To His Officers
25 Washington Crossing The Delaware

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