Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1898 B. Morris and Sons Actresses
Alice Charteris
Annie Hughes
Blanche Thorpe
Connie Powell
Constance Collier
Coralie Blythe
Cossie Shalders
Decima Moore
Dora Barton
Edna May
Ella Snyder
Evie Greene
Jessie Bateman
Kitty Gordon
Lady Annesley
Leonore Harris
Maggie May
Margaret Halstan
Marie Shields Blonde/Hat
Marie Shields Hands In Front
Marion Hood
Miss McArthur
Muriel Beaumont
Nancy Girling
Nina Sevening
Nina Sevening Bo Peep Custome
Nina Sevening Hand On Cheek
Rosie Boote
Sylvia Thorne
Tessie Mooney

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