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1890 Duke Cigarettes Holidays (N80)
14th Of July France
25th Of July Spain
Annual Fete Persia
Battle Of Sudan Germany
Burmese Festival India
Caledonian Games Scotland
Carnival At Nice France
Carnival At Rome Italy
Chinese New Year
Christmas England
Christmas In Merry England
Christmas U.S.
Decoration Day
Derby Day England
Emperors Birthday Austria
Emperors Birthday Germany
Fair Day Wales
Feast Of Guadelupe Mexico
First Footing Scotland
Flower Day Japan
Forfathers Day Us
Fourth Of July
Franco German Treaty
Garabaldi Day Italy
Grand Prix France
Gustavus Adolphus Festival Sweden
Harvest Home Austria
Harvest Home Italy
Ice Carnival Canada
Idol Worship Easter Island
Independence Day Belguim
Independence Day Peru
Kings Birthday The Netherlands
Marriage Of Venice To The Sea Italy
May Day France
New Year The Netherlands
New Years Day
Pardon Day France
Parliament Day Japan
Reformation Day Germany
Schuetzenfest Switzerland
Shahs Birthday Persia
Shorve Tide Denmark
St. Distaffs Day England
St. Patricks Day Ireland
St. Valentines Day
Thanksgiving Day
The Flower Fair Spain
The Nile Bride Egypt
Washingtons Birthday U.S.

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