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1889 Duke Cigarettes Actors and Actresses (N71)
Ada Rehan
Agnes Folsom
Agnes Miller
Alice Hood
Annie Pixley
Annie Robe
Blanche Rosevelt
Cora Tanner
Courtney Thorpe
De Wolf Hopper
Denman Thompson
Eben Plympton
Effie Shannon
Estelle Clayton
Geraldine Ulmer
Grace Barton
Grace Henderson
Helen Dauvray
Helen Standish
Henry Miller
Herbert Kelsey
Irene Verona
Isabella Evesson
Isabelle Irving
Jane Hading
Jennie McNulty
John Drew
Josie Hall
Kate Claxton
Kyrle Bellew
Laura Burt
Leslie Chester
Louis James
Louise Dillon
Louise Paullin
Mabel Jordan
Marie Prescott
Marie Sutit
Mark Smith
Maurice Barrymore
May Bardell
Miss Billy Barlow
Miss Johnson
Mme. Rhea
Mollie Fuller
Mrs. James Brown Potter
Naude Branscombe
R.B. Mantel
Virginia Dreher
W.J. Florence

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