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1888 Allen and Ginter World's Beauties (N27)
Ada Richmond
Agnes Booth
Alice Lingard
Alma Stanley
Bertha Ricci
Blanche Bennett
Blanche Roosevelt
Carrie Perkins
Clara C.
Dorothy Dean
Eliza Westhersby
Elsie Loane
Emily Rigl
Emma Abbott
Frankie Kemble
Grace Langdon
Helen Grayson
Irene Perry
Irene Verona
Kate Claxton
Kate Girard
Lillian Elmore
Lillian Grubb
Little Ollie
Lottie Forbes
Marie Chester
Marie Roze
Marion Everett
Maud Harrison
Minnie Hauk
Miss A.B. Conway
Miss Abel
Miss Hading
Miss Manthuer
Miss Thornton
Miss Von Stamwitz
Mme. Materna
Mrs. Schaffer
Mrs. Scott Siddons
Pauline Lucca
Pauline Markham
Sadie Martinot
Sara Jewett
Vernona Jarbeau
Visctess Castlereagh
Waif Th.

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