Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1989 Topps Traded
1T Eric Ball RC
2T Tony Mandarich RC
3T Shawn Collins RC
4T Ray Bentley RC
5T Tony Casillas
6T Al Del Greco RC
7T Dan Saleaumua RC
8T Keith Bishop
9T Rodney Peete RC
10T Lorenzo White RC
11T Steve Smith RC
12T Pete Mandley
13T Mervyn Fernandez RC**/C
14T Flipper Anderson RC
15T Louis Oliver RC
16T Rick Fenney
17T Gary Jeter
18T Greg Cox
19T Bubba McDowell RC
20T Ron Heller
21T Tim McDonald RC
22T Jerrol Williams RC
23T Marion Butts RC
24T Steve Young
25T Mike Merriweather
26T Richard Johnson
27T Gerald Riggs
28T Dave Waymer
29T Issiac Holt
30T Deion Sanders RC
31T Todd Blackledge
32T Jeff Cross RC
33T Steve Wisniewski RC
34T Ron Brown
35T Rod Bernstine RC
36T Jeff Uhlenhake RC
37T Donnell Woolford RC
38T Bob Gagliano RC
39T Ezra Johnson
40T Ron Jaworski
41T Lawyer Tillman RC
42T Lorenzo Lynch RC
43T Mike Alexander
44T Tim Worley RC
45T Guy Bingham
46T Cleveland Gary RC
47T Danny Peebles
48T Clarence Weathers RC
49T Jeff Lageman RC
50T Eric Metcalf RC
51T Myron Guyton RC
52T Steve Atwater RC
53T John Fourcade RC
54T Randall McDaniel RC
55T Al Noga RC
56T Sammie Smith RC
57T Jesse Solomon
58T Greg Kragen RC
59T Don Beebe RC
60T Hart Lee Dykes RC
61T Trace Armstrong RC
62T Steve Pelluer
63T Barry Krauss
64T Kevin Murphy RC
65T Steve Tasker RC
66T Jessie Small RC
67T Dave Meggett RC
68T Dean Hamel
69T Jim Covert
70T Troy Aikman RC
71T Raul Allegre
72T Chris Jacke RC
73T Leslie O'Neal
74T Keith Taylor RC
75T Steve Walsh RC
76T Tracy Rocker
77T Robert Massey RC
78T Bryan Wagner
79T Steve DeOssie
80T Carnell Lake RC
81T Frank Reich RC
82T Tyrone Braxton RC
83T Barry Sanders RC
84T Pete Stoyanovich RC
85T Paul Palmer
86T Billy Joe Tolliver RC
87T Eric Hill RC
88T Gerald McNeil
89T Bill Hawkins RC
90T Derrick Thomas RC
91T Jim Harbaugh RC
92T Brian Williams OL RC
93T Jack Trudeau
94T Leonard Smith
95T Gary Hogeboom
96T A.J.Johnson RC
97T Jim McMahon
98T David Williams RC
99T Rohn Stark
100T Sean Landeta
101T Tim Johnson RC
102T Andre Rison RC
103T Earnest Byner
104T Don McPherson RC
105T Zefross Moss RC
106T Frank Stams RC
107T Courtney Hall RC
108T Marc Logan RC
109T James Lofton
110T Lewis Tillman RC
111T Irv Pankey RC
112T Ralf Mojsiejenko
113T Bobby Humphrey RC
114T Chris Burkett
115T Greg Lloyd RC
116T Matt Millen
117T Carl Zander
118T Wayne Martin RC
119T Mike Saxon
120T Herschel Walker
121T Andy Heck RC
122T Mark Robinson
123T Keith Van Horne RC
124T Ricky Hunley
125T Timm Rosenbach RC
126T Steve Grogan
127T Stephen Braggs RC
128T Terry Long
129T Evan Cooper
130T Robert Lyles
131T Mike Webster
132T Checklist 1-132

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