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1967 Ottawa Rough Riders Rideau Tru
1 Mike Blum/Russ Jackson/Chuck Harrison
2 Billy Joe Booth/Russ Jackson/Jay Roberts
3 Coaches/Al Bruno/Kelley Mote/Frank Clair
4 Jim Cain/Bo Scott/Larry DeGraw
5 Bill Cline/Whit Tucker/Ted Collins
6 Wayne Giardino/Margene Adkins/Moe Levesque
7 Roger Pardin/Ken Lehmann/Doug Specht
8 Joe Poirier/Rick Black/Bob Brown
9 Tom Schuette/Moe Racine/Jerry Selinger
10 Don Sutherlin/Ron Stewart/Jim Conroy
11 Peter Thompson/Bob O'Billovich/Don Gilbert
12 Mike Walderzak/Gene Gaines/Marshall Shirk

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