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1965 Coke Caps Giants G
G1 Joe Morrison
G2 Dick Lynch
G3 Andy Stynchula
G4 Clarence Childs
G5 Aaron Thomas
G6 Mickey Walker
G7 Bill Winter
G8 Bookie Bolin
G9 Tom Scott
G10 John Lovetere
G11 Jim Patton
G12 Darrell Dess
G13 Dick James
G14 Jerry Hillebrand
G15 Dick Pesonen
G16 Del Shofner
G17 Erich Barnes
G18 Roosevelt Brown
G19 Greg Larson
G20 Jim Katcavage
G21 Frank Lasky
G22 Lou Slaby
G23 Jim Moran
G24 Roger Anderson
G25 Steve Thurlow
G26 Ernie Wheelwright
G27 Gary Wood
G28 Tony Dimidio
G29 John Contoulis
G30 Tucker Frederickson
G31 Bob Timberlake
G32 Chuck Mercein
G33 Ernie Koy
G34 Tom Costello
G35 Homer Jones
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