Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1965 Coke Caps Browns
C1 Jim Ninowski
C2 Leroy Kelly
C3 Lou Groza
C4 Gary Collins
C5 Bill Glass
C6 Bobby Franklin
C7 Galen Fiss
C8 Ross Fichtner
C9 John Wooten
C10 Clifton McNeil
C11 Paul Wiggin
C12 Gene Hickerson
C13 Ernie Green
C14 Dale Memmelaar
C15 Dick Schafrath
C16 Sidney Williams
C17 Frank Ryan
C18 Bernie Parrish
C19 Vince Costello
C20 John Brown
C21 Monte Clark
C22 Walter Roberts
C23 Johnny Brewer
C24 Walter Beach
C25 Dick Modzelewski
C26 Larry Benz
C27 Jim Houston
C28 Mike Lucci
C29 Mel Anthony
C30 Tom Hutchinson
C31 John Morrow
C32 Jim Kanicki
C33 Paul Warfield
C34 Jim Garcia
C35 Walter Johnson
C36 Team Logo

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