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2000 Donruss Elite Down and Distance Die-Cut
1D1 Randy Moss/34
1D2 Randy Moss/30
1D3 Randy Moss/14
1D4 Randy Moss/2
2D1 Brett Favre/133
2D2 Brett Favre/119
2D3 Brett Favre/88
2D4 Brett Favre/1
3D1 Dan Marino/82
3D2 Dan Marino/77
3D3 Dan Marino/42
3D4 Dan Marino/3
4D1 Peyton Manning/121
4D2 Peyton Manning/118
4D3 Peyton Manning/91
4D4 Peyton Manning/3
5D1 Emmitt Smith/175
5D2 Emmitt Smith/121
5D3 Emmitt Smith/29
5D4 Emmitt Smith/4
6D1 Jerry Rice/24
6D2 Jerry Rice/24
6D3 Jerry Rice/16
6D4 Jerry Rice/3
7D1 Mark Brunell/81
7D2 Mark Brunell/100
7D3 Mark Brunell/77
7D4 Mark Brunell/1
8D1 Eddie George/171
8D2 Eddie George/119
8D3 Eddie George/29
8D4 Eddie George/1
9D1 Marshall Faulk/138
9D2 Marshall Faulk/94
9D3 Marshall Faulk/20
9D4 Marshall Faulk/1
10D1 Kurt Warner/129
10D2 Kurt Warner/106
10D3 Kurt Warner/87
10D4 Kurt Warner/3
11D1 Edgerrin James/220
11D2 Edgerrin James/130
11D3 Edgerrin James/17
11D4 Edgerrin James/2
12D1 Tim Couch/83
12D2 Tim Couch/81
12D3 Tim Couch/56
12D4 Tim Couch/3

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