Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1999 Sage Autographs Silver
A1 Rahim Abdullah/400
A2 Jerry Azumah/400
A3 Champ Bailey/400
A4 D'Wayne Bates/400
A5 Michael Bishop/400
A6 David Boston/348
A7 Fernando Bryant/400
A8 Tony Bryant/400
A9 Chris Claiborne/400
A10 Mike Cloud/175
A11 Cecil Collins/400
A12 Tim Couch/400
A13 Daunte Culpepper/180
A14 Jared Devries/355
A15 Adrian Dingle/400
A16 Antuan Edwards/400
A17 Troy Edwards/400
A18 Kevin Faulk/400
A19 Rufus French/400
A20 Martin Gramatica/400
A21 Torry Holt/400
A22 Sedrick Irvin/400
A23 Edgerrin James/350
A24 Jon Jansen/400
A25 Andy Katzenmoyer/90
A26 Jevon Kearse/400
A27 Patrick Kerney/365
A28 Lamar King/400
A29 Shaun King/400
A30 Jim Kleinsasser/400
A31 Rob Konrad/400
A32 Brian Kuklick/400
A33 Chris McAlister/400
A34 Darnell McDonald/400
A35 Reggie McGrew/400
A36 Donovan McNabb/400
A37 Cade McNown/90
A38 Dat Nguyen/400
A39 Solomon Page/400
A40 Mike Peterson/400
A41 Anthony Poindexter/400
A42 Peerless Price/93
A43 Mike Rucker/400
A44 L.J. Shelton/400
A45 Akili Smith/180
A46 John Tait/400
A47 Fred Vinson/400
A48 Al Wilson/400
A49 Antoine Winfield/400
A50 Damien Woody/400

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