Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1953-59 Lions McCarthy Postcar
1A Charlie Ane
1B Charlie Anestanding)
2A Vince Banonis
2B Vince Banonis
2C Vince Banonis
2D Vince Banonis
3 Terry Barr
4A Les Bingaman
4B Les Bingaman
4C Les Bingaman
5 Bill Bowman
6 Cloyce Box
7 Jim Cain DE
8 Stan Campbell
9 Lew Carpenter
10A Howard CassadyWith ball)
10B Howard CassadyStanding)
11A Jack Christiansen
11B Jack Christiansen
11C Jack Christiansen
12A Ollie Cline
12B Ollie Cline
13A Lou Creekmur
13B Lou Creekmur
14 Gene Cronin
15A Jim David
15B Jim David
16A Dorne Dibble
16B Dorne Dibble
17A Don Doll
17B Don Doll
18A Jim Doran
18B Jim Doran
18C Jim Doran
19 Bob Dove
20 Tom Dublinski
21 Sonny Gandee
22 Gene Gedman
23A Jim Gibbons
23B Jim Gibbons
23C Jim Gibbonscatching pass)
24 Jug Girard
25 Bill Glass
26 Pat Harder
27 Leon Hart
28 Bob Hoernschemeyer
29 Doug Hogland
30A John Henry Johnson
30B John Henry Johnson
31 Steve Junker
32 Carl Karilivacz
33 Alex Karras
34 Ray Krouse
35A Dick Lane
35B Dick Lane
36A Yale Lary
36B Yale Lary
36C Yale Lary
37A Bobby Layne
37B Bobby Layne
38 Dan Lewis
39 Gary Lowe
40A Gil Mains
40B Gil Mains
41A Jim Martinpunting pose)
41B Jim Martin
41C Jim Martin
42 Darris McCord
43A Thurman McGraw
43B Thurman McGraw
43C Thurman McGraw
44 Don McIlhenny
45 Andy Miketa
46A Dave Middleton
46B Dave Middleton
47 Bob Miller
48A Earl Morrall
48B Earl Morrall
49 Buddy Parker CO
50 Gerry Perry
51 Nick Pietrosante
52A John Prchlik
53B John Prchlik
54 Jerry Reichow
55 Perry Richards
56 Lee Riley
57 Ken Russell
58 Tobin Rote
59 Tom Rychlec
60 Jim Salsbury
61A Joe Schmidthands on knees)
61B Joe Schmidtkneeling pose)
62 Harley Sewell
63 Bob Smith RB
64 Oliver Spencer
65 Dick Stanfel
66 Bill Stits
67 Lavern Torgeson
68A Tom Tracy
68B Tom Tracy
69A Doak Walkerlarger card)
69B Doak Walkersmaller card)
70A Wayne Walkerrunning pose)
70B Wayne Walkerportrait)
71 Ken Webb
72 Dave Whitsell
73A George Wilson CO
73B George Wilson CO
74 Roger Zatkoff

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