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1985 O-Pee-Chee WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Series 2
1 Nikolai Volkoff
2 The Magnificent Muraco
3 Tony Atlas
4 Jim The Anvil Neidhart
5 Ricky Steamboat
6 The British Bulldogs
7 King Kong Bundy
8 Bobby The Brain Heenan
9 Lei Lani Kai
10 Snaky Squeeze
11 Savage Attack
12 Cowboy Bob Orton
13 Showing The Flag
14 Snowboating
15 Terry Funk
16 Martial Artist
17 Don'T Call Me Beach Bum
18 Up And Over
19 Brewing Up Trouble
20 A Leg Up
21 About To Explode
22 Twister
23 Headed For The Turnbuckle/Hulk Hogan
24 Hercules Hernandez
25 Leggo My Head
26 The Dragon Has Struck
27 Top Dog
28 Watch Out For Me
29 It'S Time For A Little Road Work/Hulk Hogan
30 Karate Chop
31 Crafty Fuji
32 Bulldog Grip
33 Jake The Snake Roberts
34 Siva Afi
35 This Is Gonna Hurt
36 Military Press
37 Tower Of Strength
38 Bulldog Grip
39 Piggyback
40 Shove Off
41 Jimmy Mouth Of The South Hart
42 Fliperoo
43 Ring Toss
44 Uncle Elmer
45 Iran And Russia Number One
46 The Killer Bees
47 Secret Plans
48 Davey Boy Smith
49 Aerial Escape
50 Caught By Kong
51 Banging Away/Hulk Hogan
52 All American Boy
53 Fiji Fury
54 What Dya Mean They'Re Being Deported/Maybe I Could Get Them Into Scotland
55 Do You Know Any Way To Get Rubber Bands Out Of A Beard
56 Those Are The Biggest Feet Ive Ever Seen
57 I Make Sukiyaki Out Of Everyone Who Oppose Me/Tea And Cumpets Could Do For Me
58 This Guy Really Looks Sick/That'S Because He Just Learn We Going To Operate On Him
59 Nikolai He Sings The Russian Anthem In Scottish
60 The Animal In Love
61 Hoss Funk
62 Can I Autograph Your Cast/Does It Have To Come Off Doc
63 Randy Savage And Elizabeth
64 I Don'T Know If That'S Good For My Diet
65 If Anybody Calls You A Weasel Again I'Ll Flatten Em
66 It'S Rock And Wrestling Forever
67 Wrestlers Vs. Football Greats
68 Big Men Battle
69 Help Coming
70 The Body Struts His Stuff
71 In The Corner
72 Plenty Of Beef
73 Battle Royal Winner
74 Working For Position
75 Ready For A War

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