Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1999-00 UD Encore Game Jersey F/X
AI-J Allen Iverson
AM-J Andre Miller
BD-J Baron Davis
GH-J Grant Hill
JB-J Jonathan Bender
JK-J Jason Kidd
JT-J Jason Terry
JW-J Jason Williams
KB-A Kobe Bryant/Autographed To 8
KB-J Kobe Bryant
KG-A Kevin Garnett/Autographed To 21
KG-J Kevin Garnett
MC-J Antonio McDyess
MJ Michael Jordan/Autographed To 23
RH-J Richard Hamilton
SF-J Steve Francis
SM-J Shawn Marion
SO-J Shaquille O'Neal
TL-J Trajan Langdon
WS-J Wally Szczerbiak

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