Checklist Sports Card Set Checklists

1935 Wheaties BB1
1 Jack Armstrong batting
2 Jack Armstrong throw
3 Wally Berger batting follow through
4 Tommy Bridges pitching
5A Mickey Cochrane blk. hat
5B Mickey Cochrane wht. hat
7 Dizzy Dean pitching follow through
9 Paul Dean pitching
10 William Delancey catching
11 Jimmie Foxx facing camera knee up
12 Frank Frisch stooping to field
13 Lou Gehrig batting follow through
14 Goose Goslin batting
15 Lefty Grove holding trophy
16 Carl Hubbell pitching
17 Travis Jackson stooping to field
18 Chuck Klein with four bats
19 Gus Mancuso catching
20A Pepper Martin batting
20B Pepper Martin port. Sincerely Yours
21 Joe Medwick batting follow through
22 Mel Ott batting follow through
23 Harold Schumacher pitching
24 Al Simmons batting follow through
25 Jo Jo White batting follow through

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