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1910-14 People's T216
1A Jack Barry Fielding
1B Jack Barry Fielding
2 Harry Bemis
3A Chief Bender Striped Cap Phila Amer
3B Chief Bender Striped Cap Baltimore Fed
3C Chief Bender White Cap Phila Amer
3D Chief Bender White Cap Baltimore Fed
4 Bill Bergen
5A Bob Bescher Cincinnati
5B Bob Bescher St. Louis Fed
6 Roger Bresnahan
7A Al Bridwellbatting
7B Al Bridwell Sliding New York Natl
7C Al Bridwell Sliding St. Louis Feds
8 Donie Bush
9 Doc Casey
10 Frank Chance
11A Hal Chase Portrait
11B Hal Chase Fielding New York Amer
11C Hal Chase Fielding Buffalo
12A Ty Cobb Standing Detroit Amer
12B Ty Cobb Standing Detroit Americans
12C Ty Cobbbatting
13 Sam Crawford
13A Eddie Collins Philadelphia Amer.
13B Eddie Collins Phila Amer
13C Eddie Collins Chicago Americans
14 Harry Davis
15 Ray Demmitt
17A Bill Donovan Detroit Amer.
17B Bill Donovan N. Y. Americans
18A Red Dooin Phila Nat.
18B Red Dooin Cincinnati
19A Mickey Doolan Phila Nat.
19B Mickey Doolan Baltimore Fed.
20 Patsy Dougherty
21A Larry Doyle N. Y. Natl
21B Larry Doyle New York Natl
21C Larry Doyle Throwing
22 Clyde Engle
23A Johnny Evers Chicago Natl
23B Johnny Evers Boston National
24 Art Fromme
25A George Gibson Back Pittsburg Natl
25B George Gibson Back Pittsburgh Nat'l.
25C George Gibson Front Pittsburg Natl
25D George Gibson Front Pittsburgh Natl
26A Topsy Hartsel Phila Amer
26B Topsy Hartsel Philadelphia Amer.
27A Roy Hartzell Catching
27B Roy Hartzell Batting
28A Fred Jacklitsch Phila Nat.
28B Fred Jacklitsch Baltimore Feds
29A Hugh Jennings Dance: Red
29B Hugh Jennings Dance; Orange
30 Red Kleinow
31A Otto Knabe Phila Nat.
31B Otto Knabe Baltimore Fed.
32 John Knight
33A Nap Lajoie Portrait
33B Nap Lajoie Fielding Cleveland
33C Nap Lajoie Fielding Phila Amer.
34A Hans Lobert Cincinnati
34B Hans Lobert New York Natl
35 Sherry Magee
36 Rube Marquard
37A Christy Mathewson Small Print
37B Christy Mathewson Large Print
38A John McGraw MGSmall Print
38B John McGraw MGLarge Print
39 Larry McLean
40 George McQuillan
41A Dots Miller Batting
41B Dots Miller Fielding Pittsburg
41C Dots Miller Fielding St. Louis Natl
42A Danny Murphy Phila Amer.
42B Danny Murphy Brooklyn Feds.
43 Rebel Oakes
44 Bill O'Hara
45 Eddie Plank
46A Germany Schaefer Washington
46B Germany Schaefer Newark Fed.
47 Admiral Schlei
48 Boss Schmidt
49 Dave Shean
50 Johnny Siegle
51 Tris Speaker
52 Oscar Stanage
53 George Stovall
54 Ed Sweeney
55A Joe Tinker Portrait
55B Joe Tinker Batting Chicago Natl
55C Joe Tinker Batting Chicago Feds
56A Honus Wagner Batting Pittsburg Natl
56B Honus Wagner Batting Pittsburgh Natl
56C Honus Wagner Throwing SS
56D Honus Wagner Throwing 2b
57 Hooks Wiltse
58 Cy Young
59A Heinie Zimmerman 2B
59B Heinie Zimmerman 3B

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