Stan Hack

Nominated by: Wayne Delia

Career Stats


Why did Wayne Delia nominate Stan Hack for the HOM?

Stan Hack is actually a "borderline" Hall of Mediocrity candidate, because his lifetime career batting average was a single percentage point above .300, and his 1962 Fleer card #110 describes him as "one of the greatest of all National Leage third basemen." Stan never won a World Series championship, playing his entire career for the Chicago Cubs. He returned to Chicago as a manager following his job at the helm of minor league teams in Des Moines, Springfield (Isotopes?), and Los Angeles, after his retirement in 1948. Stan Hack was chosen to represent the OBC spirit of generosity and anonymity - when a particularly significant contribution is made, the generous member remains anonymous by setting the return address simply to "Stan Hack".


Card Checklist

YEAR / SET                 CARD
=================          ====
1934 DIAMOND STARS         34
1934 DIAMOND STARS         107
1936 S AND S GAME          27
1936 R312                  10, 11, 13
1940 WHEATIES              12
1941 DOUBLE PLAY           4
1943 M.P.& CO. R302-1      13
1954 WILSON FRANKS         8
1955 TOPPS                 6
1961 FLEER                 110

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