Jimmy Wynn

Nominated by: Andy Huntoon

Career Stats


Why did Andy Huntoon nominate Jimmy Wynn for the HOM?

So why did I pick Jim Wynn as my HOMer? Well, I'd never heard of him until I decided to try and complete the 1969 Deckle Edge set. Then I found out he was a short print and after I picked him up I was fascinated with him. Why did they make a card of this guy and then pull it for Hoyt Wilhelm? Well, I then started noticing that Jimmy was in a lot of the oddball sets from the 60's and 70's and I was always excited to get another one of his cards. So I decided to read up on him and found out he was actually a pretty good hitter and a big star in Houston. They even retired his number. So now I find myself excited whenever I see a Jim Wynn card. I figured he should be my HOMer since I find him to be so cool.

Card Checklist

YEAR / SET CARD =========================== ==== 1964 Topps 38 1965 Topps 217 1966 Topps 520 1967 Topps 390 1968 Topps 260 1969 Topps 360 1970 Topps 60 1971 Topps 565 1972 Topps 770 1973 Topps 185 1974 Topps 43 1974 Topps Traded 43T 1967 Topps 570 1976 Topps 395 1977 Topps 165

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